There’s always been a mystery as to how Doctor Who (or “The Doctor” to true fans) gets his looks. True, Regeneration has been the answer, but why that specific look? Why young one time and old the next? And how does the regeneration decide which details of the face to use? This question becomes even more pronounced with the latest incarnation of the good Doctor, who is played by Peter Capaldi.

Longtime fans of the series noted almost immediately that Peter Capaldi had been in Doctor Who before (he was also in Torchwood) as the character Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii. The Doctor himself seemed to realize this in his inaugural episode “Deep Breath,” when he repeatedly asked himself “why this face?”

Well, if a response to a fan question is any indication, we’ll soon have our answer. Stephen Moffat answered a fan question about this topic in the Q&A section of Doctor Who Magazine No.486, check it out (via Blogtor Who)!

Andrea Laford asked:

“I really enjoyed the scene in Deep Breath when The Doctor says to the tramp, ‘Why did I choose this face? It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something…’ Will we ever get an explanation of why Caecilius from The Fires of Pompeii has the same face as The Twelfth Doctor?”

Steven Moffat replied:

“Thank you, I like that scene too. And yes, we’re coming back to that idea. In fact, we’ll be shooting the scene in question really quite shortly…”

So there you go. Viewers will get an “answer” soon. However, this is Doctor Who, so it may not be the one we’re expecting. So watch out…don’t blink…and listen!


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