Creative Alley Productions, in association with All Things Creative and Brazen Giant Productions, has announced their new feature film, Iron Terry Malone, is in production now. Actors Holt McCallany (“MindHunter”) and Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos”) headline the upcoming dark comedy.

McCallany, the acclaimed star of Netflixs ‘’Mindhunter’’, plays a local mobster named Mean Mike, who with the bars owner Harry Moffet, played by John Doman (The Wire), hatch the plan to off the town beggar and drunk Iron Terry Malone, played by Pastore.

Befriending Malone by getting him so drunk he cant think or remember where he is, the six would-be assassins first try poisoning him. Then, they try freezing him. Then, they run him over with a car, but Malone will just not die! And as summer turns to winter, things go from bad to worse, as this unlikely group of killers begins to turn on each other and find out just why their marked man is called “Iron” Terry Malone.

“What excites me about this film, besides the stellar cast, is the story and screenplay,” says director Johnny Greenlaw. “The fact that it is based on actual events, that took place many years ago, we get to look inside the depths of humanity and what youre willing to sacrifice just to get by in life. I look forward to bringing this dark comedy to the big screen.”

The film also stars Christian Keiber (“Gotham’’), Bill Sorvino (Who’s Jenna..?”), Kerry McGann (“Bloodrunners’’), Johnny Greenlaw (“Mommys Box”), Robert John Keiber (Trust Me, Im a Lifeguard), Maureen Van Zandt (“The Sopranos’’), Gary Pastore (“The Deuce’’), and Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head Brewery, who just happens to be one of the movie’s sponsors.

Iron Terry Maline will begin production in November, and cannot be stopped!