Tired of games starring shining heroic figures? Iratus: Lord of the Dead from Daedalic Entertainment lets you play as the bad guy! An inversion of the classic hero vs. villain trope sees you cast as Iratus, a necromancer banished to a dark dungeon prison. He’s seeking revenge, and knows just how to get it.

In most strategy tactics games you’re fighting monsters….this time YOU have the monsters, and you’re making them out of the heroes you capture (mwa ha ha, lightning sounds). Defeated heroes can be Frankensteined back together into loyal minions, because mastery over the undead is your specialty. Then your monsters can be trained to fight for you utilizing over 50 different skills. Just be careful because if one of your minions dies (again), they vanish from the game.

  • Join the powerful undead necromancer Iratus on his path to freedom and vengeance
  • Deep and challenging turn-based combat with permadeath
  • Grimdark fantasy atmosphere with stylish 2D graphics
  • Cyusing a powerful crafting system
  • Choose from to enhance Iratus’ combat abilities

Iratus: Lord of the Dead was developed by Unfrozen, a new dev studio. Daedalic plans to release the game on Steam sometime this summer.

In Iratus: Lord of the Dead players use bones, flesh and other… squishy parts from deceased enemies to create monsters which they personally control and customize, with more than 50 different skills to choose from. As players defeat enemies and venture further into the dungeon, Iratus’ power grows too with different alchemy, magic and tactical talents to unlock and utilize.