Interstellar Rift, a first-person spaceship simulator, is currently available in Early Access form on Steam. Dutch developer Split Polygon was initially crafting the game solo, but today they announced a partnership with publisher Iceberg Interactive, also Dutch, to release the full version of the game.

“As one of the leading publishers in the space strategy genre,” says Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive, “we have been following the Interstellar Rift project for some time, and we can see massive potential – that is why we are teaming up with fellow Dutch studio Split Polygon, at this pivotal stage of the game’s development. We are aware that the game has been part of Steam’s Early Access program for a considerable time, and some may have wondered- will it ever get finished? We can now say with certainty that it will.”

In Interstellar Rift, you build your own spaceship, hire a crew and set out to defeat a vicious alien race that threatens the galaxy. In the Early Access version, it’s possible to hack enemy defenses and weaponry, join factions like a pirate guild, complete missions for those factions, and create custom drones to handle repetitive ship chores.

·     Build your own spaceship with a versatile and powerful ship editor.

·     Engage in challenging combat with other players against a hostile alien race.

·     Trade and mine for resources across various solar systems.

·     Make strategic alliances with various factions in space.

·     Explore and survive a vast, yet dangerous universe together with your crew.

Interstellar Rift is currently available on Steam Early Access. A release date for the finished version has not yet been announced, but it’s been a work in progress since 2015 and the fact that it has a publisher now is a good sign completion could be just ahead.