High Octane Pictures is delivering an Impossible Mission to DVD and VOD platforms this spring.

Rosa is the best assassin in the business. She has a slender build and a Russian accent, so you know she’s good. But her latest assignment may be too much for even her to handle: a dangerous cult leader-slash-terrorist with mastery over technology. He can broadcast messages to his followers from anywhere, and he can spot you from any street camera. Just getting close to him will be a challenge. Mission: impossible? Rosa will find out.

Impossible Mission stars Jimena Gala, Ben Vinnicombe, and James Giblin, and was written and directed by Gilles Gambino. Look for the spy game to start May 7 on VOD and DVD.

High Octane Pictures lights the fuse on an explosive action-thriller for May! Rosa, a master assassin with a knack for poisons sets out on a search and destroy mission against a spiritual leader, but conflicts within her own organization may spell disaster for her long before she ever closes in on her target.

An atomic blonde is gunning for a kill in Impossible Mission, available On Demand and VOD May 7 from High Octane Pictures.