If You Haven’t Heard, Sunsoft Is Back


Age-old video game publisher Sunsoft has woken from its hibernation. Its parent company Sun Corporation, doing well for itself in other areas, has decided to reinvest in video game production and bring back some of its original classics.

You have to go far back to find the days when Sunsoft was truly relevant, or at least be as old as I am, but they were masters of the 8-bit era, creating some of the best games in the NES library. Blaster Master was theirs, as were many of the NES Batman games. Sunsoft games are identified by their detailed graphics and their rockin’ soundtracks, some of the best chiptunes the NES had in its prime.

Technically the Sunsoft brand has never really died, it’s just been dormant, except in cases when its properties have been licensed out by interested third parties. For example, the recent Blaster Master revival trilogy had the Sunsoft logo on its boxes, but was actually created by the studio at Inti Creates.

But now Sunsoft plans to once again get involved in the video game business directly. Being a Japanese developer, there are actually a lot of Sunsoft games that America never got to play officially — and that will soon change. The most exciting announcement from the revived company is their plan to bring Gimmick!, a formerly Europe-exclusive NES platformer, to the States on modern consoles. Gimmick! is regarded as one of the best NES games of all time and derived tricks out of the hardware that hackers are still trying to figure out.

Look for more news about Sunsoft later. In the meantime, some of their NES games can be played right now through Nintendo Switch Online.