Alan Robert’s Beauty of Horror series, published by IDW, is a collection of detailed gruesome drawings that come in black and white and beg for splashes of pastels. Recently, an expansion of the Beauty of Horror brand was announced…not only is Volume 4 of the series on the way, but IDW Games is producing a spinoff tarot card set featuring art from the Beauty of Horror series.

The set will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter starting this week, and if the campaign is successful, will introduce 78 never before seen designs to BoH fans. There will also be a deluxe “Color Your Tarot” set, extra-large and in black and white, for those who donate in the higher tiers.

  • The “Fear Your Future” Deck is a traditional tarot set featuring art by Alan Robert and pre-colored by Jay Fotos, measuring the standard tarot card size of 70mm x 120mm and including a guidebook.

  • The “Color Your Destiny” Deck follows the Beauty of Horror adult coloring book tradition by offering tarot cards, printed on premium cardstock paper, with line art by Alan Robert. Oversized for best illustrative results, these cards measure 90mm x 154mm and come packaged with a guidebook.

A $29 pledge secures either one pre-colored or one black-and-white set, along with mysterious, yet-to-be-revealed bonuses called “Ghouliana’s Ghastly Gifts.” The tarot set will be sold by IDWeventually, but the only way to get these gifts is through the campaign. Upping your pledge gets you additional items like a blank “Draw Your Own Terror” deck and an illustrated tarot cloth with Robert’s art.

“With The Beauty of Horror series, I set out to create the ultimate coloring experience for horror fans. Over the course of five books, I’ve expanded Ghouliana’s universe to include a legion of creepy characters and undead pals. This new Tarot card set features her entire gruesome gang and more,” explains Robert. ”The level of detail I put into these cards is beyond anything I’ve done before and I think that this sinister approach just adds to the mystery of the Tarot.”

There are 21 days to go in the Beauty of Horror Tarot Card Kickstarter. Contribute to the campaign by clicking here.