Publisher Artifex Mundi and their internal development team Flaming Flamingo have unleashed their upcoming party brawler, Hot Shot Burn, upon the world. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s perfectly functional and crazy to boot.

The greatest fighters in the galaxy have gathered for the universe’s deadliest televised combat competition! Four animated players enter a top-down arena and face off against each other, each attempting to be the last one standing. After the dust clears, you are ranked by the number of rounds played and the number of nachos you’ve eaten.

This Early Access version includes “12 diverse maps, 6 ridiculously handsome but ferociously deadly characters, 3 reality-bending mutators, and 1 hilarious but often inappropriate announcer.” More material will be added on a monthly basis and sometimes even sooner than that. You will NOT have to pay for the additional stuff — once you purchase Hot Shot Burn, all updates are free.

Critics have gotten a chance to play Hot Shot Burn and they love it. Kotaku’s Ian Walker said “The brief picture I was provided of this game’s potential in the developer’s smartly-designed Evo booth makes me excited for the day when I can get my friends and family together and blow them up with a puffed up fish monster, talking smack the entire time.”

This version of the game is $14.99 while the finished product is expected to be $19.99, so you’ll save five bucks. A console version of Hot Shot Burn it also in the works — exact machines have yet to be revealed.


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