Filmmaker Eric Mathis and his friends have been working on THE MACABRE, a new horror anthology to be released next year. The passion project is a throwback with practical effects and a love letter to the classics of the horror genre. Mathis’ anthology is currently running its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and it’s already earned over three times what it asked for.

THE MACABRE will contain short stories directed by Esther Goodstein, Liz Mathis, Drake Teer, Howard Wexler and Eric himself. It’s a diverse and eclectic bunch — Teer is autistic and Eric is an Afghanistan combat vet. The actual shorts themselves haven’t been fully revealed, but we know what will tie them all together…

  • Molly is a shy girl who has been pushed aside most of her life by her nasty and terrible friends. Molly has decided to throw a party and invited her tormentors as the guests of honor. Molly’s friends have no idea that she’s hired a very popular hypnotist act as the main event of her party and that she plans on using his special talents to reveal herself as a terrible entity, that has lured its victims into its terrifying trap! Molly will force her friends into a deadly game where they must all tell her a scary story that satisfies her lust for the macabre or face an instant and bloody fate! One by one, Molly’s friends tell terrifying stories of creatures, slashers, demons, and ghosts as if their lives depended on it – because IT DOES! Is it all real or is this just a deadly game of revenge where Molly’s friends are the pawns? The twists keep coming and the horror nonstop until the films mortifying and shocking conclusion!

There are five days left to get your pledge in for THE MACABRE. A digital download of the film costs $29, a physical DVD (signed by the creators) takes a $49 pledge, and a Blu-Ray costs a $59 pledge. Delivery times will differ based on the pledge tier selected. Make your pledges here and expect THE MACABRE to make its debut sometime in 2021.