Remember P.T? It is the short demo for the Hideo Kojima and Benicio Del toro Horror video game project Silent Hills. Silent hills are supposed to be the reboot of the hit Konami Horror franchise Silent Hill. There was so much excitement for that project because, during those times, Survival Horror as a video game Genre was dead. After all, Resident evil 6 abandoned it’s horror roots and Silent Hill 8 was also action-focused.

P.T had a ginormous impact on Social Media because everyone and grandma who have a Youtube “let’s play” channel have to play this demo.

To show how much hype P.T has 5 years ago, here is some footage of top YouTubers playing it.

People were so excited about Silent Hills. To add more mega-hype the main character is going to be played and motion captured by Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame.

It has all the makings of a successful AAA title game from a Video game genre that needs revival. Sadly that game got canceled by Konami because they want to focus on Pachinko Machines and Mobile games.

The Cancelation of Silent Hills and Another Metal Gear Solid game by Kojima leads to his exit at Konami. There are rumors that there are 2 upcoming Silent Hill games but I don’t think it will have the same Hype as Silent Hills. Konami also had Silent Hill 3 Protagonist Cheryl “Heather” Mason and Silent Hill 2 villain Pyramid head as guest characters for Dead By Daylight, which could be a glimmer of hope.

After Kojima left Konami, He created the 3rd person shooter game Death Stranding, which also Stars Norman Reedus. For an Independent game, it sold well.

Even though Silent Hills got canceled, P.T has a huge influence on the world of gaming. Capcom decided to bring back their Resident evil series to its Survival horror Roots with Resident evil 7 which plays similar to P.T. Capcom also made remakes for Resident evil 2 and 3 and those games used the concept of exploring tight hallways with jumpscares. Many Indie games also used the concept of a 1st person horror with weapons just like in P.T.

Hideo Kojima is well known for his Masterpiece Stealth action videogame series Metal Gear Solid which spawns multiple sequels and spin-offs. Silent Hills would have been his first horror video game.

Recently Kojima said his next project after Death Stranding will be a horror game that will make you poop on your pants. A very brave statement from this master. Yup, that is how he said it word by word.

Three days ago on this interview

Junji Ito, Japan’s master of horror mangas, known for his works like Tomie, Uzumaki, The enigma of Amigara fault, and Hellstar Remina, was asked if he is working with Hideo Kojima for a video game project. He was supposed to work for Silent Hills too before it got canceled.

He never confirmed anything but he said he was in talks and negotiations with Kojima. Let’s hope that the rumors are true because Ito has a unique way of terrifying people. In one of his works, Tomie, He managed to make a beautiful woman more horrifying than any movie monster. On his Manga The enigma of Amigara fault, He amplified fear of death and Claustrophobia times 100. His Manga Gyo was adapted into an Anime and he designed some of the most grotesque monsters you will ever see.

On the website Rely on Horror, There are rumors that Sony is trying to patch the relationship between Kojima and Konami to revive Silent Hills because five years since the game was canceled people are still demanding it. Whether Kojima’s next project is a New IP he created himself or a revival of Silent Hills I am sure gamers are waiting.