Luke Cage Season 2 will be here in about a month. As we saw in the first season, it takes a lot to bring down the human tank from the barbershop…but the first trailer revealed someone may just have his number, and the new clip deals with the aftermath of that revelation.

Luke may have met his match in the powerful Bushmaster, a mysterious stranger who easily beats the tar out of someone Harlem was convinced was invulnerable. Luke though so too. Now the video depicting Bushmaster defeating Luke has gone viral, and the citizens on the street aren’t convinced he can protect them anymore.

The series stars Mike Colter as Luke, plus Alfre Woodard as councilwoman Mariah Dillard, Rosario Dawson as Claire Templ,e and Simone Missick as Detective Misty Knight. Luke Cage Season 2 premieres June 22 on Netflix.

Luke Cage, the Hero of Harlem, is harassed by angry neighbors who are starting to see the cracks in this unbreakable hero. Watch Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix.