From the moment that DC Comics and Warner Bros decided to make their own extended universe in the style of Marvel, a key role that had to be filled was that of Superman. Man of Steel was the official kickoff to what would be called the “DCEU”, which is now “Worlds Of DC”. But, after the divisiveness of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the under expectations of Justice League, and the fact that DC hasn’t announced Man of Steel 2, the writing was on the wall about the character.

And now, as the Hollywood Reporter notes, Henry Cavill is apparently leaving the role of Superman altogether. The final straw being scheduling conflicts with his new role as Geralt Of Rivera in The Witcher series on Netflix. He was scheduled to do a cameo in Shazam!, likely bringing the character into the Justice League, but now that’s in serious doubt.

Fans are honestly crushed by this, and many are calling it “the beginning of the end” for the DCEU, as Ben Affleck has LONG been rumored to be leaving the role of Batman. Either way though, it seems Cavill is out, and Warner Bros is going to be on the lookout for a new Man of Steel.

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