HBO Max has a lot of shows, but one thing it doesn’t have is a satirical cartoon about the toddler Prince of England….oh wait, never mind. Family Guy writer Gary Janetti has created The Prince, an animated series based on his own Instagram account where he pretends to be George and posts fake updates from the palace. Like the account, the series will take place from George’s perspective and satirize the entire Royal Family.

“We’re so excited to bring the world Gary’s created on Instagram over to HBO Max, where our viewers can discover what his Instagram fans already know – that George can be hilarious, shocking, and surprisingly sweet,” says Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max. We can’t wait to see what Gary does with a bigger canvas to paint on than just a 1:1 square.”

“I’m thrilled to be working at HBO Max and bringing them yet another series about a family ruthlessly fighting for the throne,” said Janetti.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you definitely realize what weird timing it is for WB to reveal this show RIGHT NOW. It has likely been in development for months, but it just had to make its first public appearance mere days after Harry and Meghan consciously uncoupled from the Royals and departed the palace. Some emergency rewrites may be in order; in the meantime, here’s the promotional sketch, Mr. and Mrs. Markle included:

the prince

Before George rules Britannia, he’ll be laying down his own laws in Janetti’s comedic take on the future King of England’s childhood as seen from the prince’s own point of view. Because his succession isn’t coming any time soon, in each episode George will find his path in life as a young prince in modern times – from the 775 rooms of Buckingham Palace to his family’s sea of corgis to primary school with commoners. The Prince also features notable characters in George’s life such as his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, his fourth-in-line-for-the-throne little sister Charlotte, his modern Aunt Meghan and Uncle Harry, his great-grandad Philip,  and – who can forget – his Gan Gan Elizabeth. 

Watch for The Prince to debut on HBO Max at some point in the future (no release date has been set).

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