Two 8-bit styled games from Retrotainment Games and Mega Cat Studios have come to the Nintendo Switch: Haunted: Halloween 86 and Creepy Brawlers  But unlike most other imitation games, these two are a 100% authentic recreation of 80s technology….because they were both built to run on a real NES.

Haunted: Halloween 86 was original released in NES cartridge form in the fall of 2016, and Creepy Brawlers came out a year later on the same format. Only later have they been ported to other formats. Given that the average NES game is around 255 KB in size, you should have no problem fitting these two on your Micro SD card.

Haunted: Halloween 86 is about two trick-or-treating children fighting monsters to save their neighborhood from a curse. It’s a sequel to a previous game, Haunted: Halloween 85, and it contains all these features:

  • Donny and Tami, two adorable little bit-kickers with a stern lesson for anyone who tries to ruin Halloween.
  • 7 levels of beautifully pixelated environments with hordes of unique enemies and bosses, all built to the restrictions of the original Nintendo console.
  • Tag Team Technology allowing you to swap characters on the fly.
  • A killer combat system unlike anything from the era with upgradeable power moves, combos and momentum-based physics that feel entirely modern.
  • Coded entirely in 6502 Assembly language down in our 8-bit laboratories. Authenticity, baby! #8BitLegit
  • Sizzling chiptune soundtrack composed entirely in Famitracker.

Creepy Brawlers is a fighting game that has you facing off against a variety of classic monsters, “inspired” knockoffs from the movies. It has these features in it:

  • A marathon of movie monsters to battle through
  • Each opponent has their own special power moves!
  • Stun enemies with perfectly timed counters!
  • Block, dodge, and jab your way to a championship belt!
  • Authentic retro built to exacting 8 bit specification
  • Cartridge comeback chiptune technology composed in original tracker

Both these games were programmed in scratch with the native NES language of 6502 Assembly, and trust someone who’s dabbled in it, it isn’t easy. Why not reward their hard work? Haunted: Halloween 86 And Creepy Brawlers are on the Nintendo eShop now, for $9.99 each.

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