You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Hartley Sawyer next season on The Flash; the show producers announced last weekend that he has been added to the regular cast. Sawyer plays Ralph Dibny AKA Elongated Man, the TV version of which has proved polarizing among fans. Some viewers can’t stand him for his obnoxious showboating and lecherous skirt-chasing, while other viewers love him for those reasons.

The irony here is that the way Ralph is portrayed on the show is the opposite of what he’s like in the comics….traditionally, Elongated Man is one of the most committed superheroes in the DC Universe. He and his wife Sue are an unstoppable duo and do everything together. They are one of the most adorable and shippable couples in the DCU (never mind what DC eventually did to them; hopefully that disgusting mess has been retconned by now).

It is most likely intentional Ralph is portrayed the way he is, with the thinking being to introduce Sue eventually as the one woman amazing enough to tie him down. They’ve never publicly said this is their plan, though. The longer this show uses Ralph without using Sue the more impatient I get.

There’s also the fact that the most recent season’s “bus full of metas” arc wasted several other characters with potential by killing them off within one or two appearances. We would have liked to see Becky (the ditzy Domino) or that country singer who could shoot lasers of death by playing a violin (I mean, come on) get regular slots. But alas, only Ralph survived.

Season five of The Flash, with 100% more Hartley Sawyer, begins this fall on The CW.