Warner Bros. made buckets of money from Harry Potter movies during the 2000’s. Now all their past work is only good for cycling repeatedly on Freeform, and to say they’ve had difficulties establishing a new franchise since then is putting it mildly. You can imagine how relieved they felt upon hearing about a new play opening in England — one that takes Harry’s story into new chapters, chapters ripe for adaptation. Forget constantly shooting themselves in the foot with bad DC movies (though they’ll still be doing more of that) — Harry is coming back to save the studio!

That is, if Daniel Radcliffe wants anything to do with it. The former Mistuh Pottuh, Our Littuh Celebrituh has stated in the past he has no desire to ever put on those glasses again; that he’d like to escape Harry’s shadow and become known for more varied roles. It’s amazing what you can get someone to do if you plop a large enough money bag at their feet, though.

Sources with the New York Daily News say WB desires to get a Cursed Child movie onto their schedule as early as 2020…and I wasn’t joking with the headline to this post; they’re really thinking “trilogy.” Which means they probably have not read it yet.


  1. Sounds very good. The new J. K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them looks good too. I wait for all movies to come on television so I can save money. My Mom is a big fan of Harry Potter movies and never tires of watching it. If new movies from J. K. Rowling hit the television it would be refreshing.

  2. The Cursed Child wasn't a great story, and with all the time travel it felt more like a fanfic than part of the main Harry Potter mythos, for all J.K.Rowling's name was on it. If they are going to make it, I really hope they tighten up the writing. It is a short play, so expanding it to three films will mean adding a lot of padding…and they might find the original stars a little more expensive! And who on earth will they cast as Snape?

  3. I remember being so excited for The  Cursed Child to come out when I thought it was going to be released as a movie, so this is great news for me. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so knowing that the movies will continue on makes me more than happy. I hope the celebrities will want to continue on making them for us.

  4. I'm also a fan of Harry Potter films, especially my hubby. When he learned about this (The Cursed Child), he got excited and was expecting that they'll make a movie out of it. I wonder if they will release one though because I've been hearing humors about it but without any confirmation yet.

  5. Sweet! I was sort of left empty with the last ending from the Deathly Hallows so I hope this can give me some closure.

    I don't get what's with celebrities and their ''image'' for a certain movie. if I were well-known for Harry Potter and was given the chance to once again play the role, I'd do it. Sadly, this is only Daniel's decision. I hope he decides to ''put the glasses on'' again.

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