By now it’s no secret that the Playstation Classic isn’t what anyone was hoping for. I have yet to see a good review, either from respected websites, disrespected websites, or fans on YouTube. No one is satisfied with the tone-deaf game selection, the lack of options, or the poor emulation. All that’s left is to break the thing open.

Unbelievably, it turns out this can be done by simply plugging a USB keyboard into the appropriate plug. Not every type of keyboard works, but the ones that do will allow anyone to access a secret menu by just pressing the Escape key. No fooling — this was really left in there.

Once you bring up the menu, you can access features that weren’t made available in the closed version of the software. Did you want a scanline filter? It’s in there. For inexplicable reasons, Sony could have just made it available on their own menu screen, but walled it off. There are all sorts of other options as well, like multiple save states and 60 FPS support.

Why would this menu be in there? Because it’s part of PCSX ReARMed, an open-source emulator that the Playstation Classic wound up using (and telling no one). Since the emulator is open-source, Sony is within legal rights to use it in their product, as no one truly owns it. But not only did it lead to this extremely easy breach….they never bothered to patch it.

If anything proves how lazy a product the Playstation Classic truly was, it’s this. Will the discovery lead to the ability to upload other games? We wouldn’t be surprised. Stay tuned and you may get Crash and Lara on the Classic soon….

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