No one outside Nintendo knows which characters will be added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate in the next few months. Shortly before the game’s release Piranha Plant was revealed as the first DLC character, to be followed by five more. During the Game Awards last month, Joker from the Persona series was announced as the second. Who are the remaining four?

Data miners have been poring through the Smash Bros code and they say they’ve found some clues. Past unannounced fighters have been discovered this way. This time, the programmers knew there would be pokers and prodders, and were smart enough to use code names. Here are three placeholder names for upcoming fighters:


“Fighter_kind_packu” is more than likely Piranha Plant. But who are the other two? It’s possible “Jack” is Joker’s code name. It could also refer to Jack Frost, the mascot of Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei series, but the likelihood of Nintendo picking two DLC characters from the same dev team is unlikely. “Brave” doesn’t apply to anyone announced.

The fans have a new hope now: the Dragon Quest series. The Hero character from the original Dragon Quest was named Erdrick, and his hero class was called Yuusha, Japanese for hero — but it can also mean “brave.” A tenuous connection? Possibly, but it’s the community’s best guess at the moment.

Who do you think could be “brave” enough to appear in Smash Bros? The Cowardly Lion post-Wizard visit? Princess Merida? A talking toaster?