The Gwait is finally over for GWENT. After months in open beta, CD Projekt Red’s Witcher spinoff is finished, polished and ready for play. As thanks for making it happen, everyone who participated in the beta will receive a commemorative player title. Whether you were involved in that or not, you’ll receive a Launch Celebration Pack if you purchase GWENT during the launch window.

The game has been massively improved from its beta version, mainly through the large Homecoming update that hit earlier this week. The visuals have been redesigned, a new card type has been added, there are over 30 new cards, new gameplay mechanics and a revamped deck building system.

“GWENT came a long way since its Witcher 3: Wild Hunt days,” says Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, game director of GWENT. “From mini-game to standalone CCG, the title grew significantly throughout development. The Homecoming update puts focus on skill play and tactical depth, and introduces a lot of new content. That’s why we’ve prepared a special website describing the changes — I really suggest visiting it,”

Check out CD Projekt Red’s hard work in the new GWENT launch trailer. GWENT is out now for PC; console versions will soon follow on December 4.