Guild 01 was announced as a Level-5 compilation game several months ago. Last week, the first concrete details about Crimson Shroud were released, this week we have details about Liberation Girl, by the creator of Ogre Battle 64, Madworld and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance…

– Control high school girl Shoko
– Shoko is the president of Japan
– Shoko boards her Liberation Machine “Kamui” so she can free Japan from an occupying nation
– Saizou Kira, the former top assistant to Shoko’s dad, helps out Shoko
– Saizou was the president before Shoko
– Saizou became Shoko’s assistant after Shoko’s father’s death
– Saizou lends support from the mother ship during combat
– Shoko’s mech is 11 meters tall, can transform between flying and robot forms
– The machine will only execute attacks if Shoko is pilot
– Shield Bullet: An energy field that surrounds the Kamui. It can be used as bullets for attacks and as a shield for defense.
– Bomb Attack: The primary weapon on the Kamui. It can send out a lock-on attack and a laser. As you execute consecutive strikes on your foes, its strength and frequency increase
– Special Attack One: Tokkou: This special attack is for use against large enemies. You enter a special attack mode which requires that you slide the touch pen on the lower screen.
– Special Attack Two: Katana: This attack can strike all enemies in a wide range. You have to build up your katana gauge in order to use it.
– Liberation Girl has the backing of some major names. In addition to Suda 51, who’s serving as director, the game has animation from bones, character designs from Yusuke Kozaki (No More Heroes), mechanical design direction from Shigeto Koyama (Heroman), and ship design by Mahiro Maeda.