Global Digital Releasing will be screening the new dark comedy Groupers in theaters across the US beginning later this month. The movie stars Peter Mayer-Klepchick, Cameron Duckett, Nicole Dambro and Jesse Pudles, and was written and directed by Anderson Cowan.

Brad and Dylan are your two typical testosterone-fueled American jocks (read: jerks). They repeatedly make life miserable for Orin, an openly gay student…and that doesn’t sit well with Meg, Orin’s sister, who hatches a plan. Pretending to come on to them at a local bar that night, she knocks them out and takes them to an abandoned pool in the middle of nowhere.

When Brad and Dylan wake up, Meg introduces herself as a grad student and announces they’re about to take part in her sadistic experiment — part of her thesis exploring the controversial question of whether homosexuality is a choice. Meg stands on one side, the jocks on the other…is it time for some conversion therapy?

“This is an important film,” says Global Digital Releasing President Joe Dain. “Homophobia has always been an issue in our society, but with the current administration and the potential rollbacks of LGBTQ protections in this country, it’s not only timely, but Anderson effectively tackles the subject matter in a dark, humorous, yet thought provoking and entertaining way that we believe will resonate with audiences, and we wanted to give it the opportunity to garner the attention we feel it deserves.”

Groupers opens in LA theaters September 27, before beginning its nationwide screening tour across the US..

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