Wayô Records presents a wide assortment of releases dedicated to the RPG series Grandia.

The GRANDIA MEMORIAL SOUNDTRACK offers a selection of tracks from across the series and Vent arrangement album, and a new illustration by Grandia designer Toshiaki Hontani across 3xLP. The GRANDIA COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK includes all four Grandia soundtracks and the Vent arrangement album across five CDs. TWELVE DOORS: A TRIBUTE TO NORIYUKI IWADARE is an all-new arrangement album recorded by Benyamin Nuss (piano) and Shauno Isomura (violin) featuring music from Grandia and Lunar and an original composition by Noriyuki Iwadare exclusive to this album on both CD and 2xLP. Finally, the limited edition GRANDIA MUSIC BOX plays a 30-note arrangement of the main theme created by Iwadare and comes with a hand-signed music sheet. These special Grandia offerings are now available for pre-order via the Wayô Records online shop:


Grandia began in 1997 on the Sega Saturn and now has three numbered titles and several spin-offs. It has become known for its compelling stories, its beautiful visuals, and its incredible music composed by Noriyuki Iwadare.