Well, it looks like the origin stories are going to truly be coming to an end, but not this season at least. Many were wondering if Gotham was going to be canceled, especially after reports surfaced that the show would be if Lethal Weapon could find its new lead after one of them got fired. Thankfully for Gotham fans, they were granted one last season to settle everything, and they’ll get 13 episodes to do it, which means this will be another DC Comics TV show to go over 100 episodes.

Now, a catch to this is that these 13 episodes won’t premiere until the midseason, which might actually be best, as recent Gotham seasons have been very spaced out, and it’s caused both confusion and exasperation.

As for what the final season will be about, there have been clues laid down. First off, the Season 04 finale this week is going to bring the legendary “No Man’s Land” storyline to the show, and the fifth season will deal with the fallout of that. But, the showrunners have also admitted that they’re going to show viewers how this version of Batman comes to life well and truly.

The season finale for Season 04 is this Thursday on Fox, so don’t miss out.

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