Windy Games has announced that the explorative adventure Miasma Caves is now available on Steam. Having released on Early Access last year, Windy Games has continued its development of Miasma Caves, adding further depths and a load-on-demand to the game’s cave system, new creatures, and an all-new quest system. Miasma Caves presents players with a massive cave system with diggable terrain and a nostalgic world reminiscent of Dreamcast-era titles.

In Miasma Caves players will explore a procedurally generated cave as Lesath, a draconid treasure hunter looking to restore her village. As a non-violent adventure, Miasma Caves presents players with a variety of environmental dangers including cave-ins, mischievous creatures, limited light, and a labyrinthian cave system. Smartly planning an excavation will potentially reward players will higher quality artifacts as the further they venture into the cave system the more rewarding their finds will be. Recovering artifacts will allow players to learn about the lore of Lesath’s village as well as earn them gold which can be used to upgrade the buildings within the village. Along with unearthing artifacts, players may also discover one of the Lost Lands, special areas hidden deep within the caves.

The explorative adventure of Miasma Caves is now available on Steam. To celebrate the release Windy Games will be offering Miasma Caves at a 15% discount as well as a bundle at 10% off which includes the game’s relaxing and nostalgic soundtrack. For more information on Miasma Caves visit the official site here or talk with other explorers in the official Discord.

Miasma Caves is currently available on Steam Early Access and will be releasing on February 28. Players can explore the 4th depth and interact with all new creatures on Early Access now. For more information on Miasma Caves visit the official site here.

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