Archosaur Games (formerly Zulong Games) has revealed the latest trailer for upcoming stylistic MMORPG Dragon Raja, which is set to launch this February. Blending elements of fantasy and sci-fi, Dragon Raja brings a visually stunning experience for MMO fans around the globe. Now with global pre-registration available, Archosaur Games has released an all-new trailer showcasing some of the major characters players can expect to encounter while playing through the game’s immersive campaign.

In Dragon Raja, players will be faced with the daunting task of protecting the world from dragons who have awoken from a long slumber and wish to rule the world once more. In order to protect the human race, players will join an elite squad of hybrids who have learned to harness a variety of powers from the dragons in order to save humanity. Each hybrid brings with them a particular superpower as well as a rich story for players to witness.

The dynamic cast of characters include Luminous Lu, a die-hard gamer and the heir to a prestigious bloodline, Caesar, the spoiled self-centered brat from a rich family, Johann Chu, college senior with an unmatched sense of justice and a face that barely moves, Nono who plays a key role in the story and can always be counted on to see things through and Erii, the tragic heroine that is unable speak without ending the world with her words.

View the trailer below:

Dragon Raja will be arriving for players in NA and EMEA regions this February. Players can pre-register now to unlock rewards for their characters by visiting the App Store or Google Play. For more information on Dragon Raja visit the official site by clicking here.

Features include:

* Stunning graphics – industry-leading UE4 engine with realistic light and shadow effects for a AAA visual experience on mobile
* Delicate modeling – featuring millions of facets and instanced stereo rendering
* Grand open-world – realistic day/night cycles, weather changes and seasonal cycles
* Player-driven environment – a world that bends to players’ decisions with an open plot featuring multiple endings, NPC reactions, and varying missions
* Multidimensional character customization – Thousands of visual combinations and a unique career system allows players to take on multiple personas or looks
* Epic combat – real-time PvE and PvP combat built to support large numbers of players simultaneously
* Global play – grand scale play with friends’ dynamic timelines, built-in instant voice chat, rich team play, and massive interactions between characters

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