Last year, the good folks at Geek Tank Games asked me to review their map token sets.  They are a great addition to any DM toolbox and I was happy to spread the word. This year, they’re at it again, their latest Kickstarter launched last week with 3 new tabletop token sets.

 Map tokens, for anyone not familiar are pre-made terrain you can add to a tabletop map to flesh out a scene.  Geek Tank Games already has 3 great tabletop token sets out there, I especially recommend the Campsite Set. I use that set all the time when I DM, it makes those unplanned, random encounters while the party is resting much easier to set up in a hurry.  They have really good artwork and are made of wet-erasable material.

Geek Tank Games Tabletop Token Sets - Dungeon Set
Geek Tank Games Tabletop Token Sets – Dungeon Set

 This year’s Kickstarter brings 4 new sets to their line:

  • Graveyard  Set: Creepy trees, wagon of dead bodies and other assorted macabre elements to get your players all goosebumpy and nervous to raid that ghost infested tomb.
  • Town Market Set: Tents, merchant booths and even a crowd of townsfolk, this set looks like the most practical.  Great for those random goblin attacks, or even a chase scene when the assassin tries to get away this set has unlimited potential.
  • Dungeon Set: A rooted bridge, a pile of gold and some kind of husky demon statue are just a few items in this set, I’d personally use these while prepping a custom dungeon build to farm for ideas.
  • Rooftops Set: Now, this one really sparks my creativity.  I don’t think I’ve ever done any kind of rooftop encounter, but with this set as a guide the party Rogue will never be without an escape route and rooftop archers are now totally a thing!

 The Kickstarter is live as we speak, so get in on these tabletop token sets and surprise your players with scenes they’ll never forget.  With the holidays around the corner, these would make a great gift a group could chip in for to thank their DM for all his/her hard work weaving stories and making D&D nights memorable!

For more information on Geek Take Games’ Tabletop Token Sets check out their website and twitter for updates about latest Kickstarter. You may also view their latest Tabletop Token Set Kickstarter here.

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