Austin-based hobby company Geek Tank Games, makers of Tabletop Tokens, are back with something new. Introducing GTG Minis, little plastic tokens you can use in all sorts of tabletop games.

Their newest crowdfunding campaign isn’t meant to fund just one set, but six. There’s the Heroes Set (which includes humans, gnomes, elves and more), the Elementals set (which includes Fire, Water, Air and Earth elemental creatures, along with cultists in robes for good measure), the Legendary Set (which includes a Dragon, a Demon Lord, a Fire Giant (w/ Hellhound), a Dragon Turtle and a Kraken)….

…The Wildlands Set (which includes Gnolls, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Lizardfolk, Hill Giants and an Owlbear), the Underdark Set (which includes Myconids, Ropers, Spiders, Duergars, Drow and an Aboleth), and finally, the Urban Town set (which Bandits, Bouncers, Nobles, Merchants, City Watch and Wererats).

Pledge $15 and you get one set (you pick which). Up that pledge to $30 and you can pick from two. $45…you get the idea; with every extra $15 you get another set. All six will set you back $81, which is a nine dollar discount.

The GTG Minis Kickstarter has just gotten started, and should have no problem clearing its goal; it has 32 days to go and is only $5,000 away. Make your pledge by heading here.

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