Whoa! Turns out your last chance wasn’t your last. There are a few more unopened, unsold, unshipped Majora’s Mask New 3DSes out there, and they just arrived in port. Thank you, horrible shipping strike!

All GameStop employees received a memo in their E-mail boxes this morning stating each GameStop will be getting exactly four new units of the Majora’s Mask model of the New 3DS. Can you reserve them? Hah, they’re not going through THAT again. These will be first-come-first-serve, the moment GameStop opens for business tomorrow.

What it means is, even as you read this, nerds are setting up tents in front of GameStops nationwide, bringing sleeping bags and popcorn and cell phone rechargers, and eyeing each other suspiciously. The ones who don’t get kicked to the curb by the police before GameStop opens tomorrow will be the winners.

Is there an easier way? Maybe. The memo also mentions the units will be available “on GameStop.com,” but isn’t specific as to how many the website will get. It also doesn’t mention if “tomorrow” means today at 9 PM Pacific or tomorrow at 3 AM Eastern. Better hound the site to be sure. Another easier way is to go to eBay and pay twice as much, but it’s not recommended at this time unless you’re paid handsomely enough for it not to matter.

Let the race begin and may the Triforce be with you. While you’re waiting, to tide over your appetites here is a video of someone opening a Majora’s Mask 3DS package.

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