For a while, all evidence seemed to point to FX cancelling Legion after its second season (currently running right now). It’s getting abysmal ratings numbers, but the last thing we heard from the cable channel was that they were adding another episode onto the Season 2 order. Fans didn’t interpret this as a good thing — more like “they must have been given that extra episode to wrap up the series.”

That was the prevailing theory, but it was thankfully wrong. FX confirmed today the X-Men spinoff will return with more episodes in 2019. Now enthusiasts can turn their attention to more important theories — like just what the heck is going on in the show itself.

Legion has redefined the superhero drama and exceeded all expectations as the intensity and revelation build through the second season,” FX’s original programming president Eric Schrier said in a public statement. “We are incredibly proud of Noah Hawley’s achievement and are honored to continue the series as it pushes the boundaries of conventional television storytelling.

“We are also grateful for the contributions of our executive producers, John Cameron, Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg, and Jeph Loeb with Marvel Television, as well as our outstanding cast and crew of this groundbreaking show,” added Schrier.

Legion revolves around David Heller, son of Professor X and the most powerful telepath in the world. His street name is “Legion” in the comics, but it has never been used in the series outside of its title. In Season One David was driven mad by a dark presence called the Shadow King possessing his body, giving the series a loopy, trippy perspective where you couldn’t truly tell what was going on. In Season 2 the Shadow King has left David’s Body, and he’s sane again, and…..the world is still loopy and trippy. Turns out it was actually like this.

More than a few viewers of the show are concerned it’s swallowing itself up in attempts to be weird and forgoing any effort at a coherent story in the process. We’ll see if Season 3 will straighten things out, but I wouldn’t bet on it.