Funimation’s Summer Lineup List


Last weekend, Funimation hosted its Summer Season Preview event and revealed some of the new anime it would be distributing across the US during the summer months of 2021. Ordinarily this is where they would provide us with long descriptions of each show, but not today. Today they just had a list prepared. It’s worth noting that some of these shows have already been covered in previous newsposts on Popgeeks; here are links to Robotech, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, and The Stranger by the Shore.

The following anime will either debut on Funimation or have new episodes this July:

There was also a separate list of “returning fan favorites.” In some cases this means anime that had been dropped from the service before but will be returning soon, and in other cases it simply means more episodes of what’s already there.

Funi tells us more information on new content will be added in the days ahead.