Award-winning filmmaker Sam Ashurst recently released his latest arthouse film, Frankenstein’s Creature, digitally. Now it’s landed a deal for a physical edition, but a limited one.

Frankenstein’s Creature is a performance piece shot in one take and starring James Swanton as the monster brought to life by Dr. Frankenstein. Swanton also wrote the script for the film, and no other characters appear on screen. The intent was to combine cinema with the kind of one-man performance you would see on stage.

Now Hex Studios will be printing Frankenstein’s Creature on DVD.  Ashurst is proud of the deal and remarks “I’m really proud that Frankenstein’s Creature has found a home at Hex Studios. Sarah, Lawrie and Michael have created a studio that combines arthouse and grindhouse in a really exciting way, using the same kind of classic influences that inspired our film. And they share my love for Graham Humphreys!

“I’m hoping that, through Hex, a passionate audience of film fans will find and fall in love with James Swanton’s astonishing tribute to Mary Shelley’s classic novel – it’ll certainly be unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.”

Here’s the catch, though: only 200 copies of Frankenstein’s Creature will be printed (in honor of the 200th anniversary of Shelley’s novel). That means if you want one, you must pre-order a copy today by heading to the Hex Studios website.

Frankenstein’s Creature will be released to DVD March 18.