If there is one thing that the Marvel movies have been really good at, it’s throwing in unexpected twists on classic characters and tropes. They did it with the Howling Commandos, in Captain America, Jane Foster in Thor, Hawkeye in Avengers, and the list goes on.

For Captain America: The Winter Soldier, not many were expecting Brock Rumlow, the man who would be Crossbones, a major Captain America villain, to be teaming up with him in the film. Or at least until he was revealed to be Hydra. At the end of Winter Soldier, Rumlow was gravely injured, but still very much alive. He was then confirmed to be in Captain America, Civil War, but no word was given about how he would look.

Now, Frank Grillo has posted some tweets about his upcoming “transformation”, many of which seems to indicate he’ll be in full Crossbones mode when he arrives in Civil War.

In one he noted:

“Getting some scars put on. Working on Saturday.”

And then he put this tweet up for all to see:

“I laugh at your super powers ”
Grab your hammers and shields and what ever else you need. I’m ready”

Civil War is in production now, so it may not be long before Crossbones becomes full seen. It’ll be curious to see not only how he looks, but what impact he’ll have in the film. Which is already set to have numerous heroes and villains across the board.