Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger - Brave Final: Great Explosion! Farewell, Kyoryugers

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(ブレイブファイナル だいばくはつ!さよならキョウリュウジャー)

Thought this picture would be fitting for the finale
Writer: Riku Sanjo
Director: Koichi Sakamoto

Ami and Daigo lead the assault on the Frozen Castle to take down Deboss using the true Melody of the Earth, but to ensure Ami's safety, Daigo goes alone.


It's been a great year, Kyoryuger. Next stop, ToQger!

In other news, Kyoryuger will be the next show to be adapted into Power Rangers.
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While I don't really approve of Red's taking the spotlight in the final battle...Such a great ending. **** the AmyxDaigo **** but the rest was great.

So this episode had a lot of cameos...I couldn't figure out any...

And Yayoi get's Plezu-Oh to herself! FINALLY!
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There is still 100 Years After left. Wonder if it'll give any resolution to any of the dangling plot threads. I would have wanted some resolution for Candelira and Luckero.

It was nice to have them sing the Kyoryuger OP.

And congratulations Riku Sanjo for writing all of of Kyoryuger, I can decisively say this was much better than Inoue's attempt with Faiz.


I liked him when he wasn't a god
For me, there was good and bad in this ending. The action was great, but:

- Kyoryuger's theme tune being the actual melody of earth was a bit too meta for me? I just found it strange. Maybe I was expecting something a bit more flowery like the Meeko song?

- Amy being turned into this crying, shrieking, clingy damsel for the sake of a last-minute hookup with Daigo. Why, for ****'s sake? It also means that a lot of Yayoi's screen time was wasted on pining over him. According to someone on my Twitter, most Japanese fans preferred Amy/Souji and Daigo/Yayoi, so it seems the romance business wasn't popular even with them.

- I felt that the ending left a lot of characters hanging. We didn't see Shinya at all after the final battle. Yuko and Ulshade ... just go back to their lives? What about Candelira and Luckyuro? It's satisfactory, I suppose, but still feels like a bit of an anti-climax.

I did like the Star Wars-esque goodbye from Torin and the Spirit Rangers, and the ED dance with everyone's actors. How long is it since a final episode actually featured the ED? It's been a very long time.

I applaud Sanjo for writing the whole thing himself. I'll miss Kyoryuger. It had a lot I enjoyed, and a lot I didn't, but on the balance I can take the bad with the good.


I liked him when he wasn't a god
Amy and Souji feel a bit more like siblings than a couple. Plus Souji is younger, isn't he? He looks better suited with that girl classmate of his.
He's only two years younger, that's not a huge amount. And his classmate is a flat, useless character that appears in only two episodes and hits him when he annoys her ... but then given the quality of the romance we actually got, that's practically Romeo and Juliet in comparison


Ore, Sanjou!

what an awesome ending to a fantastic series! the buildup to this finale resulted in a great payoff. everything clicked into place, and left me totally exhilarated.

Kyoryuger has been the most fun I've had watching Sentai in a while, and I loved it all the way through. I'll miss it, but it's left me in high spirits for ToQGer


I'm happy with the ending. However, I felt the battle with Deboss was weak.

Great to see Yayoi join in the ending dance.


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Finished watching the final episode. Another completed sentai series in the history books. I'm not gonna lie. One year ago, I was one of those fans complaining about the Kyoryuger suits and how ugly they looked. The gun using to henshin, copying Diend etc..

After watching the show, it was good. I don't think its better than Go-Busters but it was better than what I expected from it. I like the way they addressed the whole reasoning behind the samba music and dancing. Incorporating it into the show was nice. Also the extra rangers we got in the series was another surprise. That obviously helped the series and boosted interest among fans. (Was anybody even gonna like the show had it not been for the extra rangers?) It would of been boring if it was just six rangers fighting. It's nice they change things up again.

Its a good sentai series. But there are some flaws in the show. Like Daigo and Amy's love between each other that came from nowhere and wasn't even addressed or mentioned until the very end of the series. Stuff like that, I felt kinda hurt the show.

Next Stop: Ressha Sentai Toqger


Can't believe no one caught Riku Sanjo's small cameo. He's in the crowd getting food. He's the one in the black glasses.

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Wow, that was spectacular. I only say that because this final brave was extremely visually appealing - fantastically shot, excellent action and some pretty good special effects.

I loved the epilogue at the end, it was well-done and well paced. It was cool to see each Kyoryuger go back to their normal life, and how they helped repair the city after the battle. Dantetsu and his talk with Dr. Ulshade was pretty nice, I feel like they should have used Torin's spirit instead though. Loved the opening narration at the end one last time and the ending theme that incorporated a lot of the staff - including the writer himself, the suit actors and the voice actors. Really fun.
The bulk of the episode though... I just couldn't get into it. The penultimate episode was so fantastic, ramping up the tension and I couldn't stop thinking about how it would all get solved. But all that tension was resolved in the first 2 minutes of the episode. Souji and Ian say their "last words" but they literally beat the Debo-monsters without breaking a sweat. Dantetsu kicks Chaos' ass with one punch (I know why this happened, but still). And I don't even know what happened with Nossan. Don't get me started with Yayoi vs. Killborero.

The stuff in the Spirit base was an awesome set piece but sooooo unnecessary. We could have given more screen-time to the pretty awesome fight between Daigo and Deboss himself, which ended up feeling extremely rushed (cool straight-to-Carnival henshin though).

Ami and Daigo was cute but done in a way that made it seem like a crucial part to Kyoryuger's story, which is simply not true and I felt like it detracted from episode. The only indicators of this romance were back like 30 episodes ago and an exchange in episode 46. I'm sure if someone were to watch only the first and last episode of this series they would be wondering how it got to that point, only to be disappointed when they watch the rest of it that it basically came out of nowhere. Not to mention Ami feels very out-of-character here.

The melody of the Earth is such deus ex machina. The true melody of the Earth being the theme song was pretty ridiculous - I kinda liked it but it did feel overly meta. But seriously, giving King the ability to defeat Deboss immediately, plus reviving Utchy? Get real... Why kill him in the first place?

I LOVED the extra hero (including Canderilla and Luckyuro) final finisher but it was still pretty anticlimactic. Too bad Torin died. :( He seriously needed a better farewell scene, along with Ramirez and Tessai.

The last scene with King, again, was suitably cool but for some reason this episode feels like every Rider ever done by Koichi Sakamoto.

I love Kyoryuger and this episode was a treat to watch but as far as finales go, this ranks pretty low.

Overall, fun characters, fun story, excellent action equalled a fantastic year. Will be interesting to see how this translates into Dino Charge. :thumbs:
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Kinda agree with Xtreme RX here - most of the tension was in the penultimate episode, so the finale felt more like wrapping things up - you knew Deboss was gonna bite it here and so on.

But it's satisfying to finally have one of the bravest rides in Sentai to get closure now, right?


Its a good sentai series. But there are some flaws in the show. Like Daigo and Amy's love between each other that came from nowhere and wasn't even addressed or mentioned until the very end of the series. Stuff like that, I felt kinda hurt the show.

Next Stop: Ressha Sentai Toqger
In fairness, it didn't just come from nowhere, it was established pretty much as soon as Yayoi came into the picture that Amy had feelings for King, but that she didn't even really know it herself at that point. They definitely could have had a bit more build up with Amy's realisation, but I didn't really see it as a problem.

For me, this is the first time in a long time I've been legitimately sad for a season ending. Kyoryuger has been exactly what I want from toku. Silly and over the top at times, while still having a very strong narrative with lovable characters that have good development and fun villains. The focus on an actual story is something that really puts it ahead of a lot of past Sentai for me and considering how successful this and Gaim have been, I hope Toei realise that the story is something worth putting effort into. I'm not someone who's been hating on every aspect of ToQger, but I have a hard time imagining how it could possibly live up to this standard.

If I have any complains about Kyoryuger, it'd be with the treatment of females on the show. Having two girls (for the majority of the show) on a team of ten (or eleven if you can't the male violet) was very stupid, especially when Yayoi had relatively little screen time. It does seem like there was an attempt from someone behind the scenes to fix this, I can't imagine the female Violet or Cyan were originally planned and without them it would have been beyond ridiculous, but it still doesn't excuse the blatant sexism. But this is more a problem with the industry in general and not really specific to Kyoryuger.


This year sure went by fast, I can't believe it is over already!

I loved pretty much every minute of this series. Even when it had WTF moments, it was still great IMO.

As for the finale, as said before the tension was mostly on last week's episode, and there was no sense of danger in this one - not complaining, I liked it this way. I just wish they'd kept Utchy dead, or found a better way to revive him than "Oh, the theme song is playing. Gotta get up and sing".

Daigo x Amy really came out of nowhere, but I'm such a sucker for romance that I found myself going all "kyaah, that's so cute". Ami was too much out of her character though, and I don't buy Yayoi keeping her cool while Ami was all whiny and crying over King.

Action wise, it was amazing. Daigo going Carnival right off the bat to kill Deboss had me squealing like a fangirl. Also loved how Candelira helped kill Chaos, and we finally see what he meant by "She's the strongest of us".

Did Shinya just disappear after Deboss was defeated? I was expecting him to pop up while they rebuilt or whatever, but nope. Just gone. They should've made Gentle be Gray, instead :laugh:

The relay thingy got me kinda pumped for Toqger. And here I was, thinking I'd get a Sentai-free year... Silly me.


The melody of the Earth is such deus ex machina. The true melody of the Earth being the theme song was pretty ridiculous -
No. It was rather obvious that the OP was going to be tied with the Earth's melody once they revealed it was tied with the Kyoryuger's power, the transformation dances and the jingles that came with their transformation devices.

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So this episode had a lot of cameos...I couldn't figure out any...
I recognised Torin's suit actor in one of those clips (he was in the KR Decade net movies because he reprised his role as Black) and there were nine other people with him, so I guess we got all the suit actors doing the dance :anime: It would be quite nice to have a list someday so we can see who's who.

Yeah, the bit of them singing the theme song was where this episode jumped up one more time. Up until then it had felt a little flat, then it was a wave of feel-good fanservice to the end. :sweat: I love the fact that they were quoting the lyrics, and we got the "strongest and bravest" bit one more time before the final credits :thumbs:

This is the third Sentai I've watched weekly as the subs came out, and it's definitely my favourite of the three. This show kept me entertained even when I was burned out on toku, even when Wizard was wallowing in mediocrity. It was always fun and always made me smile. So thanks very much Kyoryuger. I'm actually quite sad to see you go, but we'll see you twice more when your crossover and 'returns' movies come out. For now though, it's time to head for the next station...

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