ZWEI: AU Kamen Rider W FanFic Story

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The Meteor has landed
those who remember, Kamen Rider W was coming to be called Kamen Rider Zwei but, Changed to W/Double for a pun on both names. I have taken the idea and making a story with 2 new heroes to became ZWei, the AU Kamen Rider W of this story.

Location: Duo City ( if some one gives me a better name for the city I will be glad to use it)

Characters :
Left side : Hiroto Yuki; A Detective in training, his dream is to be the one who surpass his mentor, the # 1 Detective in Duo City, Daemon Akuma.He turns into ZWei's Left side
Right Side : Sara; A girl who has all info of the Earth and has no memories of her past life.She turns into ZWei's Right side

Daemon Akuma: The # 1 Detective in Duo City who protects the beauty and hearts of the city. People say when thing goes rough he turns into the demon inside him.

Danya Akuma : Daemon's Oldest Daughter who soon becomes the landlord and new chief of the Detective Agency. She wants to just like her Father and try's her best to become a Detective.

Minor Character:
Officer Jinyo: Hiroto best friend and one of his Informant for crimes going on in the city.
Officer-in-Training Makui : Jinyo's Junior Officer who is in training who wants to be great like Jinyo-san.
Princess: A High School Girl who gives Hiroto info on school cases.
Penelope: Sister of Princess, She also gives Info on school cases.
SantaMan:An Promoter that dresses like Santa, He gives info on the black market and gives item that helps Hiroto on his cases.
NetMan: An Internet Informant who gives Hiroto places and pictures on the cases Hiroto has.

ZWei looks like Kamen Rider Eternal but, with horns gold colored, and with the right green and the left black.
[/HIDE] thats the driver when he henshin and the stanby mode is when the driver is open ( if have question about how it work dont be afraid to ask)
ZWei's memory:
Hiroto 's

If I have taken anyone's idea tell me and I will change it. All opinions and ideas r welcome.
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The Meteor has landed
The Prologue

It happen a year ago, Me and the boss took a case from an masked lady askin us to find this girl who was kidnap by someone. She also gave us a Briefcase that was green and black, She said that when the time comes u kno when to use it. Boss asked around the city if anyone had seen the girl, but no one had seen or saw her before. When the day was almost thru I asked the boss this

" Boss, I think we should give up. We can't get a lead from anyone so far"

He replyed with this

"Hiroto, if we do that then how we kno if we had one and didnt saw for the first time?"

" Huh? wat u mean?"

" Look over there! See atop of that Island? There's an building that wasnt there a few weeks ago"

" Boss, r u sayin that the girl is being held captive in there?"

" I believe so, now come on lets get there before anyone see us!"

It mas nightfall by the time we got there and we heard machines in side. we went through the back door hopin no one saw us but, someone did!

* Alarm sound* " Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert, someone has enter through the factory and is in sector 5-A"

" Boss! wat we do now?"

" Here, Take the Briefcase and don't move from this spot! Got it?"

" Yes, Boss"

Then, we heard a woman voice talkin

" Come out,Come out where ever u r. If u don't u will have to face the wrath of this"

We heard a button clicked and a voice saying

* TABOO* then the boss ran to her and said

" So, ur the one is in charge."

" Not quite, Im only the vice-president here"

" Well, Turn into ur Dopant form and let's see who will Live and Survive"

Then the boss put on this weird red belt thing and took out a USB Memory that looks like the one the woman had before one but,different. Boss push the button on it and it said * DEMON*

Then Boss put the Memory in to the belt and push the lever holding the Memory up and sparks flew every where around him and a strong wind came. I closed my eyes and saw a armored person in Boss's place. Then, it said with Boss's voice

" Let me count ur crimes!"

" Well, we now kno who took the Solo Driver from us. I guess I have to take it from u"

The lady put a sliver belt buckle thing on her waist and a belt was form as soon it contact, she put the Memory into it and turn into a monster. When the boss was fighting with the monster, I heard some footsteps coming to my direction. I turned around and saw the girl we were lookin for. I started to follow her not rememberin wat my boss told me. But, if I didn't i wouldn't have become the hero I was today.While followin the girl I trip over the Briefcase

" Well, looks like ur time is up"

" Wat u mean?"

She looked like she was goin to take somethin out but then, she stared at the Briefcase. She grabbed it and opened it

" HEY! Give it back!"

" Amazing! There's 6 Gaiamemories and 2 Drivers I never saw before! I wonder how they work"

I ran to get it back but, I accidentally tackle her. We burst in to the next room which was the Gaiamemories factory control room

" YOU! You make these don't u!"

" Not really, I only give the data for it to be produce."

"Don't u kno because of you, many people turn into these monster and died!"

" Yes, and those monster r called Dopants, Idiot. And, the reason they died is because their not strong enough to use it!"


I pushed her in to a weird unit which suddenly transport her into the GaiaTower where all data for the Gaiamemories is stored. The Boss came in and saw wat I did and slap me for it

"U made our client in danger and u didnt follow orders! Wat did u think when u did that?"

" I thought if I found her and bring her to u, you would acknowledge me as a great detective"

Before the Boss can reply the alarm sounded again this time about the GaiaTower. Me and Boss ran to it and the boss touched it, then the girl was out. I dont kno wat the boss did to get her out. Then all of the sudden we heard foot steps coming our way. we ran for it but, something horrible happen...... the boss got shot.

" BOSS! R U OK?"

" Hiroto,Take my hat and please tell my.."

The boss fell to the ground dead "NO, BOSS!!!!!!".

Me and the girl ran for cover and when stop she ask me a weird question but, it felt I kno the answer 4 it

" Hey, I have question. Did you have the courage to fight with the devil inside us?"

I looked at her and saw she had put on the same belt that Boss was wearin and gave one to me that was opposite from it. She took out a green memory and push the button *TORNADO*, I took out the black one and push the button on it as well *FIGHTER*, we put the memories in to the belt and transform for the first time as ZWei.


Next Time: Case M/ The Burnin Revenge
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The Meteor has landed
Case M/ The Burning Revenge

In the Present Time, Duo City lives peacefully because, a year ago a new hero came to the city no one knows who it is until today...

A girl walks into the city's entrance.

" So, this is Duo City. Hm.... is not better than Tokyo but, I guess it will have to do. I wonder Otou-san remembers me"

She takes out a family photo with a familiar face on it. She looks around until she finds it, The Akuma Detective Agency, she walks into the entrance to finds out is not open

" Is not open? There's no schedule when it opens, I guess today is Otou-san's dayoff"

That is until she hears a Motorcycle comin to the Agency. She sees a guy wearin a black suit with a sliver tie and wearin a fedora with a white stripe.

" Oh, I'm sorry Miss to make you wait"

He unlocks the door

" Please. come inside"

They walk into the Agency which looks like a bedroom and a livin room combine

" So, wat is your case?"

" Ok, First of all, who r u? Second of all, Where is my dad? And Third of all, Who is in charge of this place?"

" Oh, so you r new to this city. Sorry, miss but,let me introduce myself. I am Hiroto Yuki , I am the detective of this place and owner of this agency. And is your case to find your dad?"


" Um, I am sorry but, who is your dad?"

" My dad is Daemon Akuma and I am His daughter, Danya Akuma"

"Wait, you r the Boss's daughter??? I didnt kno Boss had a daughter!"

"Yes he does and where is he?".

Hiroto had to pause to remember the horrible memory

"Boss has went out to another city for a case"

" So, when is he comin back?"

" um, 2, 3"

" Days?"

" Months I think. Any way why r u here?"

" Oh, I forgot to show u this"

She pulls out a paper that reads: Danya Akuma, when come to age she becomes owner of Akuma Detective Agency when Daemon Akuma is either retired or has given his job to another person

"Since Otou- san give his job to u that means I am in charge of this place now"

" WHAT?????"

Before he could tell Danya she is not in charge the doorbell ringed. Hiroto opened the door and saw a person who he haven't seen for 14 years

" Trina?"

" I haven't seen u for a a long time, Hiroto"

He leads her into the office and ask why she was here

"My husband he is missin for 2 weeks and the police haven't found him. Hiroto can u help me find him?"

"Don't worry, I'll find him but first, can u tell me where he usally goes and where does he works?"

After giving alot of detail of Martin, Trina's Husband, he goes around the city askin people of where and when they have seen

" Hmm, so far none has seen him since last tuesday but, people at where he works says they saw him 3 weeks ago and haven't seen him since"

" Hey, I have a question? How can u do all this runnin,stopin,askin without feelin tired after it"

" I learn how to endure this from ur dad"

" Otou-san must have taught u alot?"

" He did. He taught me how to be a great detective"

Suddenly an explosion was heard and sirens was goin to it

" Wat was that?' " Danya, come with me"

" Why must I?"

" Because, u must kno about one thing your dad taught me to do"

As they head to the area Hiroto received a phone call


"Hiroto, the lookup is almost finish"

" Wat u found so far?"
When they reach the rubble a red glow was comin to them

" The Memory's name"

" So, did I. Is.." *Magma*

"Danya,Look out"

Hiroto pushes Danya out of the way from the blast of the lava monster

"Wat was that?"

" In this city, people sell these USB things called GaiaMemory that gives them power to turn into these monster that when use too much, wreak havoc"

"Wat r they call?"


" Why do people give a person & sell the Gaiamemory anyway?"

"No one knos. Anyway lets go back I want u to meet someone"

When they got back to the Agency, Hiroto shows Danya a secret door behind his hat collection...( Movin on), which leads to a Garage with whiteboards all over the walls

"Hiroto! Your back!"

"Sara I want u to meet Daemon Akuma's daughter; Danya Akuma"

"Is a Pleasure to meet the daughter of the man who saved me"

"Anyway, wat u found out so far?"

" Martin was a worker at WindFly Clothings and so was Trina who was an designer there"

" Wat u mean was?"

" I mean both of them was fired at the same time, also the buildin that was destory was an WindFly Building"

"Wat buildings r left?"

" One in the 56th district and one in Shogo district"

" Wat is his next target?"

"Hard to tell but, the 56th district should be the next one"

"Yosh, Let's go Partner!"

" Right!"

Both of them hop on the motor cycle leavin Danya behind

" Hey! Wat is goin on"

A man walks by a WindFly store and stops to look at it. Hiroto walks to him,

" Wat ru lookin at? Ur next target, Martin?"

'' Who r u?"

" The one who will count ur crimes!"

"ARRRRRGH!" *MAGMA* Martin suddenly transfrom into the Magma Dopant

" Huh, Let see if u can beat the Ultimate Partners! Let's do it Sara" Hiroto puts on the left half of the ZWei Driver and takes out the Fighter Memory*FIGHTER*

" O.K!"

Sara puts on the right side of the ZWei Driver and takes out the Tornado Memory



They both transformed into the hero of this city "We r the Wind Warrior of Duo City, ZWei!"

They have a hand to hand combat, then the Magma Dopant uses his fireballs at ZWei, but luckily Sara turns her side to another form*AQUA*, * AQUA FIGHTER* and uses her arm to protect from the fire balls

" Hey! Don't switch Memories while with out my permission!"

" Hey! Is either that or get burn. Choose ur choice!"

" O.K! I Get it! Change back to Tornado!"

' Got it!", they retransform to TornadoFighter and Uses the Final Drive by,( And i ran out of ideas so bare with me), turnin the ZWei Driver Upside Down" Tornado Kick!". They destroy the Dopant but, before they could get Martin's body a earthquake suddenly happen

" Hey! Wat's goin on ?"

" I dont kno Hiroto, but I have feelin we r about to find out!"

Then, a T.Rex Monster thing,( yeh i ran out of words), came out and took Martin's body away

" WTF just happen?"

"I think our case just get alittle harder to do"

Next Time: Case T/ The Roarin Love
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The Meteor has landed
Case T / The Roarin Love

'Three days has passed since the body of Martin was found, I talked to Trina tellin her I was sorry about everything'

" Here's your money back. I think u need it more than me"

" No, u can have it. I dont think I can use it because of wat happen"

" Listen u need it because u r unemployed"

" How did u kno that?"

"I ask about where u worked and told me u were off the job ever since"

"Well, I should have known that u would do that and i guess u r right. I should keep the money"

As she walked out the buildin I can't keep thinkin she has this planned out 4 some reason.

" Hiroto! Someone is on the phone wants to talk to u!"

"Who is it?"

"Some guy named NetMan !"

" Finally! I was worried he would never call. Hello, NetMan wat u got 4 me? WAT???? Oh right, I will be there right now!"

"Wat happen?"

"NetMan is my internet informer and photographer, he said that he have pics of Martin buyin the GaiaMemory with someone else!"

" Can I come?"

" Of course! You need to kno everything to be a detective like your dad, right? "

" Of Course!".

Hiroto and Danya rode to the meetin point where NetMan would be.

" Netman, do u have the.."

"Hello, I am NetMan and is a pleasure to meet a cute girl like u! so, wat is your name?"


"Danya wat a cute name! how about a pic?"

"NETMAN!!!! We don't have time 4 pics and wheres the one u have?"

" Wat?? Oh, Here it is! But, I have to warn u, u may not like wat u see!"

I looked at the pic and saw who I hope it wasnt who he thought it was

" Trina?"

" I was surprised too. And I should have known since u told me she was fired from her job"

" I kno but, why did she killed Martin then?"

" I don't kno is she bought the memory that turns her into that but, if she did was because he fail the task he was doin, That and they were havin a 2-for-1 sale"

" NetMan, thanks 4 the pic and make sure u keep findin more info 4 me"
Back at HQ, Hiroto have told Sara to looked up Trina,T.Rex, and Revenge

" Hmm, according to this she bought the T.Rex Memory at the same time as her husband"

" Well, I guess I will go to the place she ask me to come and set her straight"

" Hold on Hiroto, If u come in contact with her, she could kill u",

Hiroto turn to Sara and slapped her

" LISTEN! I kno it may not work out but, if anythin happens Officer Jinyo with his crew will be there."

"Officer Jinyo?"

" Oh, I forgot to tell u, Officer Jinyo is my best friend, he gives details about my cases and in return I help him with his cases"

" Oh, I see but, it doesn't give u the rights the slap her"

"WATEVAR! All I care about is savin Trina and if u r gettin in my way than don't"

then Hiroto stormed out the building and went to see Trina.
"Hm, soon my plan will be in motion and I will have Hiroto in my arms."

"Im sorry ,Trina . But, Your plan will not happen"

Trina turns around and saw:

"HIROTO! But, Your not supposed to be here!"

"Well, I am and I kno wat U are doin! U and Martin brought GaiaMemories from a dealer, U and Martin made a plan to Destory WindFly, But why Did u did u do it!?"

"Hiroto, It wasn't I who wanted to destroy WindFly. It was only Martin who thought of destroying WindFly, Not me. I only brought the Memory 4 a purpose, Hiroto-kun. I brought so I can have u FOREVAR!"

"I'm sorry, but u will be captured before that will happen!"

All of sudden, cops come out of thier hidin spot,( Hey I only write this story, I don't explain every little details), and surround the area

"You have no place to escape, nao come quietly or they have force u!"

"Hiroto, u leave me no choice!"

She took out the T.Rex GaiaMemory,*T.REX*, and insert in to the port and turned into the T.Rex Dopant.Trina went on a rampage and destroy several buildings,( How does Japan get everthin fixed so fast?)

"Sar-, Oh yeah, she is not here. Maybe, I shouldn't have done that to her. SARA ! IM SORRY!"

As a falling piece of an buildin came over Hiroto about to crash a Giant truck-thing saved him from it

"ZweiCarrier? But, that means"

"Hiroto! I'm glad you are safe!"

"Sara! Yosh, Let's Henshin now!"

"Of Course Hiroto-kun, but first THIS!"

Sara punched Hiroto's face

"HEY! Wat was that for?"

"I read a book saying after a fight one must give somethin back, so I punched u"

"Yeah, but I slapped U !"

"Oh yeah!...... Any way" *Tornado*

"Let's kick it!"*Fighter*


''Who r u?" " We r the Wind Warrior of Duo City, ZWei!"

The T.Rex Dopant combined with random metal items and formed into its true form

"Hiroto! Be careful, when she is in this form she is almost impossible to be defeated"

"Then,wat do we do then?"

"Since most of her body is made out of metal, use the Flame Memory!"

" Yeah, then why don't u do it? I mean u have it."


"Taste the fist of FLAMES!"

The punch engulf with flames hitted the T.Rex Dopant critically

"This can work, Sara! Let's finish it with FlameStaff form!"

" Um..... and u told me that I have the Memory,Wow"


ZWei puts in the Staff memory into the ZWeiStaff,(Another name for the staff I will be glad to use),*STAFF MAXIMUM DRIVE * " Flame Thrust!"

The T.Rex Dopant was defeated and Trina was goin to jail 4 destruction and murder
"Hiroto, I was wonderin if u want to go out again when I get out, as friends?"

" Then, I will be waitin"


"Jinyo, thanks 4 bringin your squad"

"Oh, nothin but, to help my buddy and can u help with this case I can't figure out who did it."

" Of course. I heard u got an apprentice!"

" Yes, he's a young boy but, he will soon be like me one day"

" Well, I hope he work with mine!"

" You have one?"

"Yes, she's my Boss's Daughter"

Even though Hiroto and Sara fought against Dopants before they will soon battle the group of Elite Dopants, The Museum.

Case M/The Heaven Casino

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Matrix of Leadership
This is just a suggestion, but I think you need to space out your story more. It gets hard to read and what not. I have done the same thing in the past, and I am just starting to fix it, and still have that problem. Just a idea, not trying to run in on ur fic.


Nice post!!
It's also kind of... excessively like the actual plot of W, don't you think? Or is this meant to be an adaptation?


A question for you. When Hiroto and Sara henshin to Zwei are they using to 'lost drivers'? (The single memory one in the hidden pic.)

If so... do they fuse together to become Zwei or are they two separate warriors?

Or is it like W where Sara's mind goes to Hiroto?

A good story and I agree with Matrix about spacing your story a bit more. Dialog gets especially confusing when its all bunched together.

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
It's also kind of... excessively like the actual plot of W, don't you think? Or is this meant to be an adaptation?

well, this was made 4 my enjoyment and also i kinda wanted it to make it as an sequel to W but,i threw the idea away but, might use it later in the story

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
This is just a suggestion, but I think you need to space out your story more. It gets hard to read and what not. I have done the same thing in the past, and I am just starting to fix it, and still have that problem. Just a idea, not trying to run in on ur fic.

thank u 4 the suggestion and i will space it more 4 the next one

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
A question for you. When Hiroto and Sara henshin to Zwei are they using to 'lost drivers'? (The single memory one in the hidden pic.)

If so... do they fuse together to become Zwei or are they two separate warriors?

Or is it like W where Sara's mind goes to Hiroto?

A good story and I agree with Matrix about spacing your story a bit more. Dialog gets especially confusing when its all bunched together.

yes they r usin lost driver only Hiroto Has the Left Half of the driver and they fuse together because thats how i thought W was gonna henshin before it was shown
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The Meteor has landed
Case M / The Heaven Casino

Case M / The Heaven Casino

" I had everything, gold, sliver, diamonds, rubies, riches and then that stupid game ruined everything! my family left me and now I had to sale this mansion! WHHHHHHHY?????????"

" Well, if u had won the game u would still have everything"

" Montreal! look I kno I didnt pay the money yet but, its comin! Can u wait?"

“ Unfortunately, no! Time to pay up! *MONEY*"

" No, wait give an few more days please!"

" I am sorry but, time is up and its time to PAY!"

He takes an coin from his stomach and puts it in his head and takes it out
"Another Life Coin 4 me"

" Havin fun?"

" Ah, the person who sold the GaiaMemory to me! thank u very much! I heard u got married the President's Oldest daughter!"

" I did and now I am at the top! But, thats not the reason why I am here, I need your Life Coins!"


" We r havin an experiment, we want to see if usin life source to make an GaiaMemory can it powerful"

" Well, if u can give Protection from the called ZWei than u have an deal"

"Thank u. Well, I must be off."

"Everyone it time 4 Healin Princess with your #1 idol who gives u 190% of happiness, Terri Yamino."

" Hey! Sara, Healin Princess is on!" said Hiroto,

" Wats, Healin Princess?" asked Danya

" An Radio Talkshow with the gorgeous, beautiful, Terri Yamino with an angelic voice"

" Dont forget, the one who brings the world to peace" said Sara.

" Good Mornin everyone and I have exciting news! the place called Heaven's Casino is true listen to this post card someone sent me: 'Terri-san is true, my friend went to the Heaven's Casino and came back with 2 mil dollars!', amazin I wonder if I can go there and play an few games. Just kiddin!"

" theres an 1 in an billion chance u can win 2 mil dollars in one day, that story has to be false!"

*doorbell*" Comin!"



"Um, this is 4 an psychologist not an -"



'Crone Bakina ,an girl who went to the Heaven's Casino gone crazy with money and now pretend now no one is in charge of her. Things like this make my city cry and won't let it happen to the city'

" Hiroto, I found the girl!"

"Danya, where?"

" She was just at an Jewelry Store and now she is goin at another!"

" Did she brought anythin?"

" No, all she said was ' if U want me to buy here, then give me something I want!' and left"

" Well, theres only 3 Jewelries here, U go at Arties and I will go to Levi's!"

" Got it."

Danya found Crone first at Levi's.

"Listen if got stuff that r the same that I have, then dont show it to me!"

" I am so sorry Ms. Bakina if u like I could give u some items that r not on sale untill next month."

"Deal but, only the most expensive one"

"Right away"

" Man, she is an jerk, I mean if my father let me did that she would killed me! I wonder where dad is now?"

" Thank u 4 the necklace, I will recommend everyone , NOT! Runnin low, good timin, its almost here."

Hiroto, comin back from his search, ran back to Danya " Danya! u found her?"

" Yes! and she went that way hurry!" They ran where she went but, couldnt found here

" Where is she?"

" I swear she went this way"

Then, an bus splashed them" Thank u 4 the bath jerk! And this suit is new!" " Well, I am goin back to change. Call Sara when u find somethin!" "OK!"


" Hello? Mr and Mrs. Bakina?"

" Please thats the last of the money don't take it!"

" Be happy! I am about to get 1000 X this much and can't u stop me!"

" But, I can!"

" Who r u?"

" Hiroto Yuki, the Detective of this city and u miss, r being not respective to your parents!"

" U hired an detective? At least hire an better one unlike an low life like him!"


" Watevar, im goin back there and u cant stop me!"

" Hey! Get back here!"

Hiroto chased her and then, got an phone call from Sara " Hiroto, guess wat I found!"

" Kinda busy here!"

" Accordin to the lookup, theres an bus that has an stop thats not on the route!"

" An bus?"

" Yes, an bus why I ask?"

" Cause theres was an bus when she disappeared last time! Sara hurry on ZweiChaser and come where am I now. I will tell her Family that we found her!"


then all of an sudden Sara fell on the ground rememberin somethin about her past

" Come on baby sister, hurry!"

" Honey, she is little so, she cant run fast."

"Dont worry big sister will carry u"

" Hey, Sara can u hear me? Sara! She must be comin then"

" Why am I on the floor? Oh Yeah, Hiroto needs me! Danya! Im headin out !"

" Be careful!"

" ZWeiCarrier Launch Mode!" ZweiCarrier closeup with Sara inside and drove to where Hiroto is

Author's Note: U kno in W where in Phillp's room,where RevolGarry is . How Does it get out? And would anyone notice that W's Garage came from the Agency? I want to kno. Any way, back to the story. :)

"Man, Sara where r u? I cant keep runnin forever."

ZWeiCarrier Launched Sara on the ZWeiCycle"Hiroto! Get ready to jump!"

" I was ready for about 45 mins!"

"Sorry, there was traffic on the highway!"

"Wat traffic! your on an big truck that could crush cars!"

'"Do u want to come on or not?"


"Then Shut ur mouth and Jump!"

Hiroto jumped on and almost miss "Next time, drive closer to me!"


"Get closer to the bus so I can come on and pull u up."

"But, wat about the bike?"

"Set it on auto-pilot then!"

"Got it!"

They got on board without bein notice, until "U two! Did u pay the bus fare to get here?"

Hiroto and Sara turn around and saw an short, round face, french lookin man "If U didnt then U have to PAY!" *MONEY* He transformed into the Money Dopant.

"I am Montreal Moni, owner of Heaven's Casino and your doom!"

"We will see about that!" *FIGHTER* *TORNADO* "HENSHIN!" *TORNADOFIGHTER* "We r the Wind Warrior of Duo City, ZWei! Now, Prepare to count ur crimes!"

Both of them fell out of the bus and began fightin. The Money Dopant shot an coin blast at them.

"Hiroto, change to Staff. That way we can block the attacks and reflect it back at him." "Ok!" *STAFF* *TORNADOSTAFF*

"U think that stick can help u? Well, think again!" The Money Dopant shot an another Coin Blast at them.

"Not this time!" ZWei used his staff to reflect it back at him. "Hiroto Let's finish it !"

"Hold it! If u defeat me u would destroy all of the captured life source I have and If u kill me, u will kill the one who I took it from. Think, wat would their family do?"

"My Family?" Sara froze up unable to move the right side of ZWei. "SARA! Wake up! Sara!"

Case M / An Family's Treasure

Quick Question : Which way do u like me to write in ? This way or the one I did before?
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Ultraman Saga wants you
Definitely better with all the spaces between the text

Author's Note: U kno in W where in Phillp's room,where RevolGarry is . How Does it get out? And would anyone notice that W's Garage came from the Agency? I want to kno. Any way, back to the story.

remember that episode where Shroud showed up in the basement to confront Phillip? (not sure what episode that was)
she came out from an open hatch which i believe would lead to the exit at the end of the first episode :coolshades:

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
remember that episode where Shroud showed up in the basement to confront Phillip? (not sure what episode that was)
she came out from an open hatch which i believe would lead to the exit at the end of the first episode :coolshades:

true BUT then how no one notice it comin out of the agency explain THAT:169:


Matrix of Leadership
Awesome dude, much easier to read. And i enjoy what you got going here. I like the two lost driver's becoming 1 w driver. That is nifty.

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Awesome dude, much easier to read. And i enjoy what you got going here. I like the two lost driver's becoming 1 w driver. That is nifty.

thanks and i wonder why the show's writer never thought of that i mean it would make more sense then just usin one body to transform

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Case M / An Family’s Treasure

"SARA! Wake Up! Sara!"

"*evil laugh* Wats wrong? cant move? well I can fix that!" The Money Dopant shot another Coin Blast at them.

"Sara! Dam it, guess I have to use them." Hiroto takes out an cell phone and an camera.

"U two! do your best and help us" *STAG* *BAT*. Hiroto puts in the 2 memories in to the phone and camera and they transform into and stag beetle and a bat. Both of them started to block and attack the Money Dopant.

"Wats with these things ! Get away from me!" The Money Dopant ran away while StagPhone and BatShot followin him.

Hiroto disables the henshin and catches Sara" Sara, wats goin on?"

"Whew, I got away from them. But, where was that guy. He said he was goin to deal with ZWei."

"I did and only reason I didnt help was to see how they fight."

Montreal turned around and saw the dealer who sold him the GaiaMemory.

"U were there and yet u didn't help? Well, then I guess I WONT give u my LifeCoins."

"Oh, u will give us the life coins or else"

"Or else wat?"

"Or else this" *NAZCA* The Dealer puts in the memory on to an belt only Elite Dopants can have and turned into the Nazca Dopant

"Argh" *MONEY*

"U want to fight? Then an fight u will get"

"Sara hasn't woken up for 3hrs now Im worry that she maybe sick."

"Sara has never gotten sick before, But I only known her about an year and she dosent remember anythin beside me meetin her and your dad savin her"

"Then wats wrong with her?"

"I dont kno"

'With Sara not wakin up, I cant search 4 the casino unless....'


"Why r u lookin at me?"
The Beetle Phone,ringing, came to Hiroto for an phone call



"Because Sara is out and u r the only one that I could think of"

"I understand but, wat if they caught me?"

"Just do wat I say; pretend u missed ur bus and try to catch on the fake one and then use BatShot to send an video link to me so I can see wats goin on"

"I hope it works"

"It will, Sara did it alot of times and she never got caught"

"And how did she do that?"

"Oh, she acts like she knos how to be like them, so act like u played casino games before and u will be ok"

"Well, the bus is almost here, wish me luck"

" I hope she can do it"

"Do wat?"

"Sara! Your awake!"

"Yeah so?

"U have been asleep 4 almost 4 hrs now"

"I did?"

"Yeah, so why u were out cold?"

"I think I got an memory back."

"Really? which one?"

"Um, I think when I was 3 or 4 and I had 2 sister and my mom was carryin me and then my older sister carried me to go somewhere"

"I see, well Im glad u r awake now"

"Yeah so, wat did u hope 4 anyway?"

"Oh, I send Danya to do scout work since u were out cold"

"U WAT???"

"Dont worry I told her wat to do and she will be fine"

"Hello~! Shes new to the business and she might get caught or somethin"

*ringtone* "That must be her, Hello?"

"Hiroto, guess wat! I found Crone"

"Wat? where r u now?"

"In the casino!"

"Told u she can do it!"

"Told who?"

"Sara, she just woke up!"

"Really? Thats great! Well I will be settin the cam now. Bye!"

"Ok Batboy do your thing!" *BAT*

BatShot climb up on pole and surveys and transmit it into video feed

"Yosh, we can see wats goin on now"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, one of members has as me, Montreal Moni, to go on the Golden Game to win $ 10,000,000!"


"Now, lets welcome Crone Bakina"


"Now,Miss Crone wat game u would like to challenge me?"

"My top game of course, roulette"

"Well, let game begin!"

After a few rounds Crone seem to win but, Montreal tip off the roller to make the ball go to every place Montreal say.

" I can't believe it. I......lost"

"Don't worry, with this LifeCoin u can get everythin back."

"All right, lets go again!"

"Red 5"

"Black 6"

The ball landed on Black 6

"Im sorry but u lost and its time to PAY!" *MONEY He takes the life coin and drains Crone's life.

"Another one 4 me!"

"Hold it!" Danya comes out of hidin and confronts Montreal.

"Who r u?"

"I am Danya Akuma, and I am here to stop u!"

"BAKA! WAt is she doin?"

"Told u she can't do it."
"Really? Can u?"

"Um, no but, I kno who can. This person is smart, sytlish, and Hard-Boiled."

"Hm, at least she knos whos the best around here."

"Sara-Kun, Come over here and save everyone!"


"Huh, looks likes she knos who can do this."

"Why, Danya didnt choose me 4 this?"


"Merry Chirst-, wait is not Christmas!"

Hiroto looked up and saw

"SantaMan, I havent seen for a while. Why u here?"

"Well, I was walkin by promotin and then I saw u lookin glum. So, I came over to give u a gift"

"Thanks but, um I dont need any gif-"

"Here have this."

SantaMan gives Hiroto an kiddie bag


"Your Welcome"

"Santa! Is Santa!"

"Got to run bye!"

" Bye, Why can't he give me an girl?"

"Hiroto! U ready? The bus is here."

"I Guess."

Hiroto and Sara rode the bus to Heaven's Casino.

"Sara, U r here! Oh, hai Hiroto.",

"U must be the infamous Sara, I am Montreal Monei but, u kno that already, dont u?"

"Of Course, Money Dopant."

"Now shall we start the game?"

"Of course, bu tlets make an deal. If I win u will give us all of the life coins u have."

"Then, wat will I win?"

"Hiroto, can I have your memories?"

"Wat? Oh, Sure"

Hiroto hands over the Fighter,Staff,and Blaster memories. Sara takes out her Tornado,Flame, and Aqua Memories as well.

"We will be bettin these" Sara Puts the Memories on to the table.

"Sara! Wat r thinkin? If we lose, we cant turn everyone back and cant turn into Zwei anymore!"

"Dont worry, I have been researchin so, I should be good."

"Well, Wat game u want to play?"

"The most hardest game of all, Poker."

"Well, I guess, get your Poker Face on."

After an few rounds Sara started win about half of the LifeCoins, that was until;

"So Sara, Dose yout Family kno U r doin this?"

"My Family?"

"Yes Your Family. How R they?"

With Montreal talkin about Family Sara begin to lose the LifeCoins and the GaiaMemories.

"Well, thats game "

"Im sorry, Hiroto but, lost everythin."

"Dont worry, I can fix it. Montreal, how about an rematch? If I win I get the LifeConis and our GaiaMemories Back. And if we lose, u can have our life source."

" Deal, Well poker again I guess?"

Hiroto takes out an deck of cards from the kiddie bag

"No, we r playin my game, Old Maid."


"Hiroto can do this, no one can ever beat Hiroto at Old Maid. Even I cant beat him."

"Well, let the game begin."

Hiroto was winnin very fast and look like Montreal was done but, that was until Montreal did this trick. He made Hiroto choose the cards he says that he will choose, and Hiroto began to lose.

"I have 2 cards, U have 1. U will choose the right card."

Hiroto was about to choose, that was until his right suddenly move and choose the left one instead.

"Looks the Kirifuda chose me to win."

"But, how?"

"When u start to make me choose the cards I had put on my ZweiDriver to connect with Sara's ZweiDriver and her mind so, my right hand was controled by Sara makin me win."

"U cheater" *MONEY*

"Sara, Ready?" *FIGHTER*

"I was ready by time u beated him" *TORNADO*


Both of them got outside,(some how:sly: ), and fight.

"Sara, change to Aqua." "Yosh, Lets do it."


"If u think water is gonna cool me down. Well, think again." The Money Dopant shot another Coin Blast at them, but lucky while usin the Aqua side, Sara was able to block it with no problem.

"Hiroto switch to FlameStaff form"


"Oh, thats right. Your havent forgiven your family, right?"

"My Family" Sara saw Hiroto and Danya as her Famliy to prevent freezin up. "I have an Family but, there not the smartest."

"Hey!" *STAFF MAXIMUM DRIVE* FlameThrust. Zwei defeated the Money Dopant.

"Listen, U r in grave danger of some one else. He is from the-" Montreal drops dead.

"Wat!? Usually when we execute an Maximum Drive the person dosent die!"

"And in danger from wat?"

' Even though we defeated Montreal and kinda killed him, I havent forget the words that said of threat greater than we have seen, if we only now wat.'

"Everyone is Healin Princess! I have very excitin news theres an new hero in the city. and people r callin the person Kamen Rider. Its an half and half super hero with different power. Well, that wat everyone is sayin."

"Hiroto! We r bein discuss on Healin Princess!"


"Yeah ,we r bein called Kamen Rider!"

"Yosh, then we r called Kamen Rider Zwei, the wind warrior of Duo City startin today!"

Case C/Cockroach Killer​
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Hey everyone! Sorry but, Im gonna quit this story. I wanted to only do an one page story but, I had ideas in my head and wrote all of it out but, since with school and all I have to quit it. For now, this will have to be discard away and never to be spoken of again. Hope people for liked this story understands.

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