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Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
So....i figured it was time to share one of my other creative sides. I play around in photoshop a bit, and have been making sigs for a while. So I will post my sigs and other PS stuff here.


I will try my best to go from oldest to newest.

Note: Some of these are also ones that were made upon request. And the ones with white backgrounds were made for a site that had a white background, and I didnt want to make them .png

Made these both entirely in Photoshop.
(both resized as to not stretch the page)

SOME of my drawings:
All drawn in PS with only a mouse... I am too damn broke to get a tablet


Zander Yurami

HJU's master of disguise
Damn that decade....

BT: I have been using PS for years now. I am still finding new ways to make my work look better.