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Hello, my name is Yuuyatails. I am a malaysian and I am new to here.

Actually, I had been around DeviantART a year ago and I had drawn some fanarts.

I will posts my artworks here. Note that I will posts fanart ONLY related to tokusatsu, video game and animation.

My profile is here: http://yuuyatails.deviantart.com

Anyway, this is the first fanart I had draw:
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Okay, I posted this one in here:

(Note: Some people at the DeviantART website complains me about not putting some characters into this art (i.e. Kamen Rider Larc, Ptera Ranger etc.)).
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Both of these are really really nice! Momoranger and Kivaala = ♥

( Don't let people on deviantART discourage you, either, you should draw what you want and not bend to pressure! n___n )


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This is the third one:

(Note: Begin with this one, I changed my coloring style to the cell-shading coloring)
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I like the Decade one. I really need to figure out my style in art. I'm confused if I want to stick with realistic coloring or just cel coloring.

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Your work is simply amazing! I really love your styles, and you capture the essence of each Rider well! Keep up the great work! :thumbs:


That one guy, yeah.
Wow! That's awesome! I'll be checking this thread every once in awhile to see anything you post! Everything looks really good!


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I drawing Kamen Rider Kivala again:

And here's also one for Decade:

Credit goes to Alpha-Vector (or AlphaGoOnger in this forum) for symbols on the Decadriver.

Edit: Well, the Kamen Rider fanart that feature Diend is tooks longer than I expected.
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I've already praised your work on DeviantART, but I'll be happy to do it again here! I think your drawings are strong and I especially love your line work. Keep it up. :D


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I Just finished the Diend art:

Again, thanks to Alpha-Vector (AlphaGoOnger on this forum) for symbols on Diend's belt and Diendriver.

Edit: the members of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger are next!

Edit 2: Well, since the arts are big, I had replaced the images with the clickable thumbnails. The URLs are linked to the original size arts on Devianart and the Thumbnail images are actually thumbnail images from my gallery on dA as well. (Photobucket and Imageshack's thumbnail systems are not working here)
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