[J-TALK] Yui Koike (GokaiPink/Ahim de Famille) retired from the entertainment industry?

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Mar 16, 2006
first, we had the sudden disappearance of Rika Sato and now? it's Yui Koike's turn. though for her case, it wasn't "OMG SHE SUDDENLY VANISHED INTO THIN AIR!" on her August 1 blog post, she announced that her contract with her talent agency, Four Springs, has officially expired.

it was no lie. I went onto the agency's official website and she was no longer listed. I guess there goes our chances of seeing Ahim returning for any future anniversaries? not sure if she's going to find a new agency after this.
Aug 28, 2010
What? :O_O: Wow, that's terrible. I feel sorry for Yui. Another Sentai actress gone. :(

Though in the future, I suspect that if Toei brings back a Gokaiger or two, it'll most likely be the actor(s) that played Marvelous, Gai, or both (because Marvelous is of course, the captain, & Gai is the only Gokaiger technically from Earth).

Where can I find the info of this stuff, BTW?
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Aug 15, 2009
http://foursp.jp/yui/blog - Blog with old agency, the last post just says her contract expired and generic stuff thanking her fans for reading the blog etc.

It also says that she's doing a stage event in November to promote a new movie, so she's not going away just yet. Maybe she'll announce something one way or the other at that time?
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Jul 16, 2014
It. Think that the Gokai Crew Still in contract With toei till 40th Aniversary ( they arent making movies now beacuse they have Others Things to do but they Still have contracts for make the vs Super sentai ), now gokaiger is Like AkaRanger now , And toei dont Wanna LOSE this GOOD Old Gold

PS:Sorry for bring Back This post , i just Wanted say my opinion about the history