Yugi VS Yuusei

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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUp9jL6MF9c"]‪Yugioh EPIC DUEL - Yugi vs Yusei - MUST WATCH!!!‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]


Those are indeed the actual VAs duelling.

Very nice! I ROFL when Yugi said: "Synchro Summon? What's that?"

You think he'd remember the events of the Yugioh 3D movie.

It took me a while but I did actually make a Yugi Moto deck with nearly all the cards he's used throughout the series. I don't have that Gold Sarcophagus card, but I do have all 3 god cards plus all 5 pieces of Exodia.

Getting the Exodia pieces was a small dream of mine that I wanted to fulfill. My right arm of Exodia is in Spanish though. Could I possibly still use it when I try to use Exodia in a duel?


Ankh's hair is simply FABULOUS
Wow to think he would have dealt exactly 5100 points of damage even without buster blader's ability...that's pro

Though the duel was kinda set up because of how Yugi organized his fusion monsters exactly in the order he would summon them, still awesome tho

Dark Kabuto

In Justice, We Trust!
Anyone else sad that Yusei didn't do that whole "Synchro Summon! STARDUST DRAGON!" chant?

Yuusei never had summon chants in the english dub, none of the characters did except for a few occasions. Though I did find it odd that he didn't at least say "Lets Rev it Up!"


Holy crap that was awesome :buttrock:

The whole thing was like a live action duel from the show.
Everything was perfectly planned and executed within seconds :castlerock:

I also found it funny that the duelist for Yugi was struggling to keep up with Dan Green's voice over :laugh: