Yu-Gi-Oh (DM-ZEXAL) - Ideas for Rewrite

Yu-Gi-Oh was fun with all the millennium items and stuff. Now we got monster spirits and then the dragons now numbers.

But what disappoints me is....

- Yugi didn't show his face and all Jaden had to fight with was past Yugi. If Jaden and Yugi fought at the end of the finale, he would've used Dark Eradicator Warlock.
- Mokuba never appeared again if he ever used Seto's deck against Chazz.
- Joey never made a guest appearance when Jaden and the gang visited Yugi's hometown. Joey could've had a Red-Eyes darkness dragon as well.

- Surai/Sly. He could've stolen Yusei's stardust dragon already and that he would've been taught a lesson that it was wrong.
- There's no signer water dragon.
- They could've done more 5D's.
- Yugi would've had a son in the future and used synchro monsters as well.

- I would like to see more of it. But right now, I'd like to wait for the entire season to finish before I judge it.

Anything (ideas) you want to rewrite on the franchise?


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One thing I'd have liked to see in any season is consequences to the summoning. Calling forth Exodia or the God cards should have caused some damage to the world around them, which they would have had to repair. After all, these are legendary demons they're summoning. There should be repercussions.

I'd have also dropped 5D's entirely to get a whole season of Dungeon Dice Monsters. However, instead of showing that it's a duel happening up above, have the fights take place in some fantasy world. Have the summoned monsters on one side meet up with the other summoned monsters to engage in some kind of quest.

Dark Kabuto

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Just make it so that Yuma actually knows what he's doing. That's the reason why I dropped the series. Don't get me wrong, it's refreshing to see the MC loose every so often, but Yuma's way of dueling was so noobish, it was boring. Especially coming off of a protagonist like Yuusei.
In Bonds Beyond Time, Yugi should've learned how to use synchro monsters in the duel with Paradox alongside Yusei & Jaden.

Maybe if used Arcanite Magician and Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth, he'd be still the best.

Of course, Joey, Tea, Alexis, Syrus, Seto and Chazz would've made some appearance. If only they were with Jack and the others.


The new Tendou Souji
> Cut most if not all of the cameos out. Yugi (at the start) and Pegasus is fine but, when the story drops itself just to have Yugi pop up again, something's really wrong.
> Not make it the Judai show. Having almost every story-altering duel come down to the other kids getting their butts kicked and Judai winning because he's the god dang new kid gets tiring as gently caress to watch.
> Keep Ryo\Zane dead or at least not have him come back for as a half-sassed reason as it was.

5D's: Honestly? I haven't finished this one yet so, I can't say much for it. One thing I will put down though is to not make Aki as wimpy as she was after the Dark Signer story. Turning her into a moe schoolgirl when there's a bunch of story potential is ridiculous.

Also, keep Crow a villain; it sounded interesting.

ZeXal: I never bothered with this show so, pass.

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In Bonds Beyond Time, Yugi should've learned how to use synchro monsters in the duel with Paradox alongside Yusei & Jaden.

But they traveled back in time to a point were Synchro monsters don't even exist yet. It wouldn't make sense if Yugi started using them.
I would never want Crow a villain. Besides, being a hero is a good thing.

Ya know, if 5D's continued, Yusei would've had a water-type warrior in his deck. AND the signer dragons would've had a water-type dragon in their team.

Wind - Stardust Dragon
Dark - Red Dragon Archfiend & Black-Winged Dragon
Fire - Black Rose Dragon
Light - Ancient Fairy Dragon
Earth - Life Stream Dragon

Too bad there was no water dragon to complete the attributes.

By the way, so many legendary monsters in the franchise
- Exodia
- Egyptian gods
- Legendary dragons (not official)
- Sacred Beasts
- Signer Dragons
- Earthbound Immortals
- Aesir
- Meklord
- Time Lords

Now the number monsters is something I don't wanna know.... yet.

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Ideas for a rewrite and you never say anything about terrible stories and plotholes constantly pointed out in each shows? :sly:
A future son of Yugi should've existed on 5d's, carrying his father's knowledge of dueling. He could use Gaia Force of Earth and Arcanite Magician and the assault mode.

Maybe he could know much about the signer dragons and the goings on.

As for duel armor from capsule monsters. Shouldn't that come back and join in 5d's? Maybe it'll become like some sort of kamen rider-like armor for them. Maybe for the signer dragons if there would be ever a season 3.
GX and 5D's could use some movies just like the Pyramid of Light movie.

For 5D's for ex.... Yusei could use a water synchron & water warrior. Including some extra signer dragon with a water attribute. Plus... it can be after the fall of Z-one.

This movie should have the return of the shadow realm with Dark Master Zorc and can have a son of Yugi Muto & Tea Gardner to ally with Team 5D's.