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The last time we went over the consumer options for dropping cable TV and getting channels streamed from the Internet, we said that in the absence of Playstation Vue, YouTube TV was now the best of the existing services. Looks like we’re going to have to evaluate that again.
YouTube finally reached a deal with Viacom to plug the biggest hole in its lineup…until now, channels like Nickelodeon and Comedy Central were absent from their grid. We’ve known about the addition for some time, but we figured YT’s parent company Google would eat the cost of the Viacom channels to stay competitive with rivals. Apparently being the dominant search engine makes you forget what competition actually means.

Bold move by YouTube TV to increase their price by $20 in a time when there are no sports and people have less money
— SaboteurMike (@Mikelennial) June 30, 2020

YouTube TV is now $64.99, a leap of $15...
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