YouTube Original Series: The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

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This is a new web series made by a couple of the same (Emmy-winning!) producers of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries which is my very favorite retelling of Pride and Prejudice of all time ever (and I don't usually like Pride and Prejudice.)

In this new installation, they start retelling J.M. Barrie's classic stageplay and novel, Peter and Wendy or as we probably know it better as: Peter Pan.

New episodes released Wednesday and Friday.

Watch it on YouTube! Here is the link:

Jenni Powell

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Hi Faemonic! Thank you SO MUCH for posting about the show and glad you're a fan of LBD as well. Just one little correction, I'm the only producer on LBD. Bernie Su and Hank Green were Executive Producers of the show and we had a couple of co-execs but I was the only one with the straight-up producer credit on the show. Bernie and Hank aren't involved in The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy but have been wonderfully supportive of it and we share other crew as well, like our fantastic production designer Katie Moest (look for her Pemberley Digital Easter Eggs sprinkled around our sets!).

Just thought I'd pop in and mention all that, I know credits can get really tricky sometimes. ;)


(Huh. Why did I think of production designer as designer/producer? What's with you, brain!)

Thanks so much for replying, and thank you so much for all your absolutely splendid work on both these awesome shows!

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