You're rich, & are financially set for life. Why be a Toku hero?

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Feb 19, 2005
Go way back with the Ishinomori Manga, it had more meaning.

I think the Ghost Rider quote put it best...

" I'm gonna own this curse, and I'm gonna use it against you. Whenever innocent blood is spilled, it'll be my father's blood. And you'll find me there, a spirit of vengeance, fighting fire with fire."
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May 6, 2010
Oddly specific question, but I'll answer it!

...Why not? :laugh: I mean, if you've got the acting skills, a good agent, and other great resources, why not try to become a super hero with Toei or in a big Hollywood movie?! I bet you'd have the time of your life! Have you seen that behind the scenes dance off from Guardians of the Galaxy? It's great! You get to have the time of your life, you get to create a great piece of fiction, and you'll probably gain a huge fan base while you're at it. Just cause you're rich doesn't mean you have to be boring or traditional. :)


Wait, did you mean In Real Life, or be a toku hero in the Fictional Universe sense? Cause that kind of changes things. I think the answer should be obvious if that is your question. It's the same answer ANY tokusatsu or super hero comes to eventually. They do it for justice. To protect those who cannot protect themselves. Because you cannot idly sit by while the world and innocent people are being threatened by supernatural evil forces, especially if you have the means and the ability to stop them.

Just out of curiosity, what brought on this question?

Dr Kain

Just because I am rich does not fix the world's problems. Those who are not rich still need help.
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Jan 7, 2014
Zetman. Totally should ask that rich kid who wants to be a hero.

Me? Really, if I am given power to be a Toku hero, I would just go on murdering rampage, killing all corrupt government officials around the world, and record it while I am doing it, so that the world would know there is a hero for them!