Mar 3, 2005
Now RBD and Shakira mostly (well more-so pre-English crossover Shakira). Was into the Spice Girls years back and also KISS for a while and I'll admit I still like most of their songs even though it's been years since I've had a listen. Did like Hikaru Utada once and even Glay (what little I've heard of both), Exodus turned me off of Utada though.

Recently I'm really liking this and this. :laugh: Not sure if I wanna get back into Jpop again though...not that I ever really was.
Continuing the Creddie legacy
Feb 9, 2007
Just one Soulja Boy song.

And only because it's funny as hell.

Crank that? I like Soulja Girl better, from the same singer.

Yes I love me some Hilary Duff. Bite me. Please?

Me too- but before she became 20 and changed her hair color to black. remember "Why Not"?

Miley Cyrus because she is now officially sexy.

Me too! esp. her song "See you again", my personal fave from miss Cyrus.

*Imagines Go-ongers while the songs plays*

newayz my guilty pleasure is prob all the sentai music i listen to

Well me too. all sentai songs. even other Toku songs too like the B-Fighter OP (the first B-Fighter!)

also my guilty pleasure is two Ashley Tisdale songs, "Be good to me" and "He said She said", both sounding like Britney. XD