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With the mass amount of video games currently out. The big question is what video game is your favorite of all time?

The one game I consider to be in my favorites list is Super Mario Bros. What about you guys?
I would say my favorite video game is the Pokermon Black 2, which I really like it because I am able to use my favorite Pokemon at the beginning of the game. Plus, the game lasts much longer than any of the previous Pokemon game. I also like Mario Party game, which is so fun and I always laugh. Good times right there!

Kelly Hartman

A Link to the Past. One of the first games I played, I still play it today. I got to the point where I would do my own challenge runs. The hardest ones are where I don't improve the Master Sword or armor, because then I can only damage Ganondorf with a spin attack. Without armor, he does 3 hears damage, too. :x


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A Link Between Worlds is really good. I beat that over the weekend. A little easy, though. I might tackle it again in Hero mode for more of a challenge.


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My favorite game of all the time would me American McGee's Alice... I was blown away when I first played it!! My current favorite game would be the walking dead one :) It's a very awesome game, waiting for all the episodes of the second season to come out to finally play it ;)
My all-time favourite video game is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! It just edges out the more traditional Super Castlevania as my favourite game in the series, and I moreover thought that it was a truly refreshing take on the franchise and vastly superior to previous attempts to mix things up with Castlevania II and Castlevania 64. I much prefer Alacard to the usual have-whip-will-travel Belmont descendant, and Symphony of the Night did a fantastic job of incorporating gaining experience points, implementing special moves and vampiric powers, and finding hidden special items into the gameplay! Even more impressively, the shift from individual stages to a giant single over-world that you can backtrack and explore at leisure, in a fashion similar to Metroid and Master-Blaster, was truly fantastic! Especially when you consider that half of this overworld was an upside mirror image of the castle from the first half of the game! Many players often thought the completed the game, only discover that there was a way to re-play it that opens up a second castle of equal size and more difficult enemies!


It's really hard to answer this type of question as video games are divided into different eras. Back in the NES days, my favorite was Contra. I skipped the SNES and moved straight to the PS1, my favorite of which was Xenogears. Then I bought a PS2 and was amazed by Shadow of the Colossus and MGS3 and Tekken 5. Then came the PS3 and I got hooked with Uncharted and The Last of Us. I've got many favorites. It depends in which era of video games we're talking about. I can't really pick the best among them.


Final Fantasy XII! Great graphics, as usual. But I liked the storyline and really liked the characters. The world was a little sandpit that I just wanted to wallow and cozy up in. I didn't mind the new battle system at all, I thought it was very intuitive!

My favorite classic one was Xenogears, which I should really replay some time because I might not have appreciated the story fully. I just thought it was about cool giant robots.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is another favorite of mine. All the characters are so likable even when they have fatal flaws. The whole thing is a philosophy or personal-development essay disguised as a cute dating simulation crossed with a dungeon trawling paranormal horror adventure.


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I don't know if I could choose a favorite but I will narrow it down to three. First I like most Mario games and have been playing them since I was little. Second I like Pokemon games (Sapphire and Ruby are my favorites). Third I like Kingdom Hearts. I fell in love with it from the start and I'm still waiting for KH3.


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I prefer military themed, first person shooter games the most, or free-roam games such as GTA5. I really enjoy the freedom that they bring and it's fun to just drive around and partake in all of the activities in GTA. As far as FPS games go, I am currently playing BF4 of the Battlefield series. I used to play the COD series a lot, but I've since converted to Battlefield and have no regrets. The graphics are excellent and it's fun competing against so many other players (they've now got their 64 player games running smoothly). I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore gamer at all, but rather a casual gamer who plays now and again. I'm fairly busy during the days but some nights I'll play some video games to relax and chill out.


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I don't really have a favorite video game but I am really into first person shooter games. I like the adventure aspect as well as the action-packed adrenaline of it.


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I already mentioned in another thread that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door will always be my most favorite game, but there is another one that I really like and it's Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the PSP, it has a great story and it has excellent graphics for a PSP game.


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I'd have trouble choosing an all time favorite game, so I'll pick three of them.

Fallout 3 - One of the best games to come out in the past decade, the graphical jump from Fallout 2 to Fallout 3 was at the time, nothing short of fantastic and akin to what Half-Life 2 was compared to its predecessor. The Mad Max style post apocalyptic OPEN WORLD (which at the time was unique) was incredibly detailed and interesting if not sometimes weird characters and filled with so much stuff to do, the sheer replay'ability alone is what made me come back again and again. Nowadays I can't play the vanilla game without tons of mods installed.

Mass Effect trilogy (and yes I treat all 3 games like one big entity) - One of the best game trilogies in recent history and my all time favorite SiFi games. It was unique in having branching story arcs which influenced events in current and future sequels.

And last but not least Half-Life 2 - any gamer worth his salt has played this game at least once and to this day STILL makes me say "Wow, this is so awesome".

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