Your Favorite Kind of "Super Hero"

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Kaji Motomiya

So out of the Kamen Riders on Dragon Knight, besides Dragon Knight and Onyx, which of them were your favorites? I mean, in terms of abilities, strengths, weaponry, etc. Did you like Torque for his mastery of ranged weapons, or Sting who could copy the last Advent card used, etc.?

And like how there were different Kamen Riders with different abilities, what kind of super heroes, if not specific ones, did you like the most when growing up?

(I ask this because when I was a kid, I was very picky about my heroes because of their abilities more than their character.)


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Out of the Kamen Riders, Torque had the coolest suit by far...Robocop meets Master Chief. So I'd pick him.

Growing up, I always looked up to Batman. The whole mythology as to why he chose that life always connected with me. I was never one for "powers" in fact the only "super" heroes I've loved are...Wolverine and Green Lantern. But they weren't was a mutant and the other was a regular guy who had a ring. I really like the "average" man making something of themselves.
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