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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alexandoy, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Alexandoy

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    Dec 1, 2016
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    When I was younger, I had wanted to personally see Mt. Everest and the Mongolian plains. According to the books, those places are unique and exotic. But now that I have been traveling, I realized that it is not easy to go to those places especially the cold places because my body would be complaining. Last year when we were in Beijing, I experienced zero degree temperature that I felt like drying from the extreme cold. So now my dream places would be London and Paris. Fortunately, I have been to London so many years ago so it is only Paris that is in my bucket list.
  2. ptahm22

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    I've always wanted to visit the United States of America. It has been my dream since I was a child and it still is. There were alot of myths I was told but now am grown up and I know the facts. I admire their lifestyle, unity and excellent economy considering that it's a pretty large country.
  3. tonyb

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    I have traveled extensively in Asia and Africa, quite like the places I have been able to visit so far. As part of my dream place I'd like a travel to any of these two countries in Europe, France or Holland. I'll like have a feel of these countries especially the French culture.

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