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On your PC what operating system do you currently use? Would you recommend it.
I am using Windows 7, in fact that has been my OS since I got my PC. I understand Windows 10 has more improved functions compared to 7. I have had good experience with my current OS and not in a hurry to change.


I am actually in the process of buying a new computer to replace my old desktop at home. Laptop is my choice but it is taking time because of the cost. Laptops are more expensive than a desktop so I have to gather money for the budget. My present home desktop is running on Windows XP. Yeah, that’s true. It’s still okay so I did not upgrade to Vista and even to Windows 7. Now I am receiving free upgrades to Windows 10 but I’m afraid my hardware cannot handle it – the processor is only 32-bit.


I am running Windows 7 on my laptop. Couple of years ago, I installed Windows 8, sadly it crashed in a week. I tried install Windows 10 few weeks ago and it crashed again. Looks like my laptop does not support Windows 10. I will be sticking with windows 7 until I get a new laptop.


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I am on Windows 7 Ultimate and quite satisfied with its performance and features. I know that Windows 10 is there but I am not interested as I can do everything with Windows 7. Moreover, I have only 2GB RAM which is ideal for Windows 7.

I saw a Linux based OS called Ubuntu in one of my friend's PCs which is superb. I read somewhere that there is no threat of virus in Linux based OS. It was a great experience indeed and is quite powerful with great speed. But when almost all PCs are on Windows will there be any issues in accessing an Ubuntu file in a PC running on Windows.


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This is probably going on three years for me using a Chromebook, and I have to say that I love it. I know that it is not the best OS out there, but for the cost and what I need it for, it works very very well.


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I am on Windows 7 and it's working just fine for me. I have heard that Windows 10 has better feature but I am quite contended with W7 for my needs.


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Since 2016, I have used the operating system windows 8.1 and was completely satisfied. Still, when I saw on the Internet in forums discussing windows 10 how nice people talk about how it is good and convenient, I could not resist and went to the official website Microsoft. In general, I downloaded the installation and started installing this system. The installation was not long; like all windows quickly installed, rebooted, and began. I can't understand where they are located. I read forums that I had to tear down the previous version, and I bought a windows 10 image with a license key. So I formatted my hard drive and installed windows 10. All the files missing for a full-fledged PC - can not be found on the Internet just for windows 10. As a result, Windows 10 was disposed of, and the PC was returned to windows 8.1. In general, I do not advise you to switch to later versions of Windows, or you risk going to a specialist in RAID RECOVERY.
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I have two laptops. I got one from employer (Lenovo Yoga) and it has windows 10 smootly running after 5 years. M2 SSD slot is miracle. I have my person Acer Aspire with classic HD drive. I must change it with SSD so I can try Windows 11. It will show TPM error but I will skip it. I don't have money for new laptop.


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My desktop is fairly new. I'm using Windows 10 although I'd like to upgrade to a Mac. Dreams are valid. I'm very much content with Windows 10. I had to upgrade and buy a desktop because my laptop had storage issues due to having a small RAM. I love my desktop so much that I can only trade it for a Mac.

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