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What melody do you use for your cell phone ringtone?
Do you have different ringtones for different contacts?
Which ringtone do you use for SMS, alarm, MMS...?

I have different melodies only for my family. On my Huawei I use The Godfather theme as the main ringtone and for the messages I use Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys :)
On my other cell phone I use standard Nokia tunes.


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I currently just have one ringtone for everyone that calls me because I have not yet had chance to sit down and sort out all my contacts with their own personal ring tone. I am currently using just the basic ring ring which I am finding I hear better than I do any others.


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I use the default iPhone ringtone for everyone except for my boss. When my boss calls it is the dun dun dun dun song. It is a friendly joke :)
I have blurred lines as my cell phone ring tone. In the beginning I loved the song. However, now I can't stand it and its time for a new one. Any old school suggestions?


Default ringtone for everything. I'm way too lazy to go online and search for a ringtone I like because if I hear it too much, I'll start to dislike it. I once bought a ringtone on the market, but after a couple of weeks of listening to it every time I receive a phone call, I started to dislike it as well. If I hear too much of one ringtone, or even one tune, I will hate it so I tend to go with the default ones.


I have no cell phone so I have no cell phone ring tone. That alone keeps me moan: No one's home.

Yes, that more or less rhymes. No one would call me because of my bad rhymes.


I have different ringtones for important regular callers. My massaging ringtone is a single beep and my alarm alert is a soft chime. My general ringtone is Mr Bean saying 'Pick up the phone" - it makes me laugh and it makes others around me laugh too!


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Well, I use one of the default ringtones for SMS, MMS and E-Mails, though I use Bon Jovi - It's my life as call ringtone. I use it for every contacts.

As for my alarm, it's some kind of real life alarm song, but really loud and irritant! (I leave my cellphone with the alarm on in my desk so I have to stand up in order to turn it off..)


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My cellphone ringtone is a Bob Marley tone for regular calls. I actually took the time to assign a ring tone to each of my contacts, so that I can tell who is calling without having to look at my call display. It also comes in handy at 3 AM when I am in a deep sleep, and can’t wake up long enough to keep my eyes open for any length of time.