[Cartoon] Young Justice - Talkback

Sentaifan'07 Xman

"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"
Well, obviously Black Manta won the award for father of the year instead of Sportsmaster.:laugh:

But, what really got me in this episode...is Nightwing braking Robin's birdarang in half after watching Blue Beetle being presented as a "hero" by the Reach.

Oooohh.....someone's gonna get their ass kicked!:eplus2:

Sentaifan'07 Xman

"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"
At first I didn't like G. Gordon Godfrey for targeting the JL for being a threat to the Earth, but once he got on the reach's case about the lies they've spread, I started to have a change of heart. I am glad that Arsenal got kicked off the team, but I didn't like how the "Runaways" were so quick to reject Nightwing's offer, they could have been more polite and say, "We'll think about, but right now, I think we can take care of ourselves."

Overall, love this episode.

Kaji Motomiya

This was an awesome episode. I expected Luthor to get his way, but it's pretty cool how these ragtag group of teens + Arsenal now operate on their own.

I hope this is not the last of them, but with three more episodes to go...hm...

Sentaifan'07 Xman

"Let's DRIVING!!!!!"
Finally say yesterday's episode....."YES!!!! Finally We Got Our Blue Beetle BACK!!!" It was also nice to see Green Beetle's true martian form.

Only two more episodes left until we say "goodbye" to this show.

Ziginz Zegell

No Fear, No Pain.
This show is SO good! I mean yeah I have enjoyed anime that were shorter, but even then I felt bad when they were over. Still hope DC finds a way to keep earth 16 alive since it is a GREAT service to the DCU. I mean we got Arsenal and Red Arrow together in one show...as two distinct characters! Fortunately the guys who worked on Young Justice also did at least two or three of those direct to DVD DC animated movies, so maybe, just maybe, DC will let them publish some Young Justice one offs. It could happen!


Budou though
They didn't destroy it, they removed the power source

i was replying to the other guy on how they would end the show and i said destroy warworld. even with the power source removed, that warworld is still a threat if piloted by the wrong people


Young Justice has been fine, lately. The heroes of Young Justice has already revealed the truth about the Reach. Now, the Reach is going to try to destroy the Earth, while the Light has highjacked Warworld and might take it to Rimbor. :thumbs: