Young Famous & African, A side of Africa we rarely see


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Young, Famous & African is the first African Reality television show. This docu-series will explore the World of Africa’s Elite. Africa is a continent that is lavish with resources. We see a lot of Poverty in this continent in many documentaries. Yes, there is Poverty, but there are also the lucky ones who can lay on a bed of roses.
Young Famous & African will make a group of Celebrities and influencers from privileged backgrounds live together to find friendships, romance, and reunions with familiar faces. These Crazy affluent millennials and Zoomers will postpone their international travels to cohabit with their peers from different African nations.
Even if they are from similar social standings, there is still a diversity of personalities which leads to people clashing.
Young, Famous & African Trailer

For Sure, we already have hundreds of Lifestyle based Reality shows that show us the life of superabundant people, but we rarely see this side of Africa. Some people...

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